150 bus orders from Ukraine!

150 bus orders from Ukraine!

19 April 2021 0 By administrator

Monday, April 19, 2021 – 13:11 | Last Updated: 19 04 2021 – 13:13

Karsan, which participated in the International Mintrans Forum held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, with its Gesture and Attack models, signed a cooperation agreement with the Kharkiv City Council.

Karsan will support the transportation infrastructure, which will be strengthened within the scope of the modernization of the city of Kharkiv, with its knowledge and product range and will have a say in the public transportation vehicle investment to be made in the city. Speaking after the contract, Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv, Igor Terekhov, stated that 500 vehicles are planned to be purchased within the scope of the investment, the first 150 of 6 and 8 meter vehicles will be purchased this year and they want to cooperate with Karsan in this direction.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “We are happy with the cooperation agreement we signed with Kharkiv Municipality and the contributions we can provide to the city. In this context, we agreed with our Ukrainian business partner MDG that 150 Jest and Attack vehicles will be delivered from July to October. ” said.