2. Hand prices are falling!  |  Mehmet Ali Kantarci

2. Hand prices are falling! | Mehmet Ali Kantarci

3 March 2021 0 By administrator

As of March, there are decreases in used vehicle prices compared to the period of December 2020. Experts say it’s the right time to buy the second hand.

With the approach of the spring months, a revival in the second hand vehicle trade is expected. The second hand vehicle market, which has been stagnant since last November, has started to revive again with the decrease in prices. Otomerkezi.net CEO Muhammed Karakaş evaluated the market as follows:

“2nd. The hand-held vehicle market will be 30-40 percent more active in March with the approach of summer, relaxation of restrictions and stabilization of prices at understandable levels. We would like to emphasize to the consumer that the prices have already “bottomed”. There is a lot of panic and affordable sales. ”

Zero campaigns are effective

Stating that the campaigns in new vehicles cause the re-pricing of the second hand, Karakaş said, “At this stage, we do not foresee a radical change in vehicle prices in the near future. Some consumers will want to see and evaluate this period as an opportunity. As long as there is surplus supply, citizens should not be afraid and hesitant to “not find a car”. Currently, there are about 600 thousand vehicles for sale and 100 thousand vehicles for urgent sale, ”he said.

Demand helped the expertise

Emre Büyükkalfa, CEO of TÜV SÜD D-Expert, suggested that consumers should definitely prefer corporate companies when receiving auto expertise reports and said:

“During the pandemic period, the demand for second-hand vehicles increased with the cessation of production by many automotive manufacturers and the lack of stock in new vehicles. In 2020, more than 11 million second-hand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold, 2 million of which were online. The interest in second-hand cars and the mandatory auto expertise report in commercial sales with the regulation that entered into force as of September 1, 2020, positively affected the auto expertise sector. “In the auto expertise sector, where serious problems have been experienced so far in reaching certain standards, corporate companies will enter this business, and an elimination process will be initiated in the coming years.”

The price change for some models compared to last December is as follows: