2. Handy additional tax adversely affects the market!

2. Handy additional tax adversely affects the market!

5 March 2021 0 By administrator

Sector representatives anticipate that the draft law drafting a tax of 5 per thousand from the sales of second hand vehicles will negatively affect the prices of second hand vehicles and therefore the market size. DOD Sales Manager Erol Gündoğan stated the following on the subject:
“Although transactions are registered due to the increase in the presence of institutional players in the market in recent years and the increase in loan usage rates, in the case of vehicle purchase and sale between individuals, there may be some risk of tendency to unregistered transactions. Although this situation is negative for the total market number, it may cause many victimization on the consumer side. “

Stock load continues

Stating that the stagnation in second hand vehicle sales that started as of November 2020 continues, Gündoğan said, “We can say that a more controlled market has been formed on both the buyer and seller side in the first two months of 2021. Recently, a certain amount of dynamism has been observed, with the prices of second hand automobiles coming to balance especially at corporate points. Parallel to this, the regional mitigation of the measures taken due to the pandemic will have a positive effect in the short term. At the moment, the stock load created by the last 3.5 months of stagnant in the market still continues, albeit partially. Therefore, we do not foresee an upward movement in prices, at least in March, with a possible increase in demand. However, in parallel with the increase in demand, if there is a problem in the availability of new vehicles or if the upward movement in exchange rates continues, such developments may be reflected in the prices ”.

There is a 3 percent decrease

According to the February 2021 data of a second-hand vehicle sales website, the prices of cars for sale, which decreased in December 2020 for the first time, continued to decrease in February. Since December, the prices in the announcement have fallen close to 3%. Another prominent title of February was the increase in the number of advertisements for younger cars. The vehicle category with the highest number of advertisements in February was Automobile, followed by the advertisements of minivans – panels, land / SUVs – Pick-up, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.