2 million heavily damaged in traffic!

2 million heavily damaged in traffic!

14 June 2021 0 By administrator

Monday, June 14, 2021 – 10:31 | Last Updated : 14 06 2021 – 10:31

Pointing out that approximately 2 million vehicles with heavy damage records, registered to traffic, are roaming the traffic in Turkey, TOSEF President Ünal Ünaldı said that these vehicles, which were damaged after the accident and whose heavy damage records were processed, were not subjected to any inspection during the repair phases and when they were returned to traffic.

Emphasizing that most of the vehicles registered with heavy damage were repaired with non-standard parts, insufficient technical equipment and untrained personnel in repair shops under the stairs, TOSEF President Ünal Ünaldı said that there are approximately 2 million vehicles registered with heavy damage in traffic. Stating that there is still no specific standard and control mechanism in the repair processes of these vehicles, which are not subject to any inspection, Ünaldı said, “These vehicles, which directly threaten the safety of life and property, are also the subject of many fraud cases in the second hand vehicle market. the chassis is not repaired correctly, the blown airbags are not replaced.” used the phrases.
Undocumented persons should not be allowed.

Stating that 30% of the damaged vehicles are repaired at authorized services, 40% at private services and 30% at repair shops, Ünaldı added that they have been making great efforts for the auto services industry to reach certain standards for 2 years. “Only 1,600 out of 4,000 private auto services have TSE Certificate. TSE 13168 and TSE 12047 documents should be the minimum standards for the repair of a heavily damaged vehicle. In addition, even if they have a TSE Certificate, a Professional Competence Certificate should be sought for the employees at the said service, the original spare part used should be As TOSEF, we would like to emphasize that heavy damage repair operations should be prohibited in services that do not meet these conditions. The control of all these conditions is dependent on the Loss Adjusters Executive Committee, with a new legal regulation. “We recommend that loss adjusters, whose impartiality is protected by law, should do it. Private services and repair shops will raise their standards in this way.” said.

Not subject to control

Stating that the vehicles registered in Pert were withdrawn from the traffic, but the same is not the case for the vehicles registered with heavy damage, TOSEF President stated that they are not controlled when they exit the traffic again, and that they demand that the active and passive safety equipment be comprehensively checked and tested before they enter the traffic, and that their work continues. , “After the repair operations of the vehicles registered with severe damage are completed, comprehensive and precise control can be provided by auto expertise points with TSE Certificate and TÜV inspection stations. Critical points such as chassis, airbag, suspension, brake and steering system, equipment meeting the standards In this way, vehicles that have been repaired inadequately and incorrectly, and that are registered with heavy damage that will threaten the safety of life and property in traffic will not be able to enter the traffic again, both after-sales services and auto service sector, as well as second-hand vehicles. The vehicle industry will gain reputation and trust.” made the statement.