2021 will be a year of growth in construction equipment!

2021 will be a year of growth in construction equipment!

19 February 2021 0 By administrator

Merih Özgen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İMDER, said that the construction and construction machinery industry has had a difficult time since 2018, and that with the pandemic in 2020, both domestic and foreign components have been disrupted. Reminding that the sector, which turned to export due to the contraction in the domestic market in 2019, made a record export of 1.4 billion dollars, Özgen continued as follows:
“The 2020 export of the construction machinery sector, whose major export markets are Europe, North Africa, Russia, Turkic Republics and the Middle East, and affected by the shrinkage during the year, decreased by 5.9 percent to 1 billion 385 million dollars. The imports of the sector increased by 20.3 percent to 811 million dollars. “

The expectation is at 20 percent

Noting that the 2021 budget is investment-oriented and that investments in infrastructure construction have a large place in the budget, Özgen also emphasized that there will be a growth trend in the domestic market. Özgen said:

“If the third wave of the epidemic does not occur in the second half of the year and there is no negative picture like a crisis in the world in our country, we estimate that our industry will grow by 20 percent in the domestic market this year. In the global market, there is a prediction that the pandemic will be brought under control in the spring months. If this prediction comes true, it will be a strong motivation for our domestic manufacturers to increase their export mobilization efforts.

Unfair competition must be prevented

Özgen said that not including the machinery manufacturing industry in the “Economic Stability Shield” puts the companies in financial difficulties and said, “I would like to underline once again that the Turkish construction equipment sector, which creates high added value, needs support in order to pass the Covid-19 exam with the least possible damage. Another problem is unfair competition in the industry. The entry of products that are not produced in accordance with the legislation, and unfair competition with products that are produced under the ladder out of control create a big problem. An effective market surveillance and inspection activity is only possible with the involvement of relevant non-governmental organizations in the activity. We think that there can be serious improvements in this regard with the legal arrangement that will enable the assignment of duties and powers to NGOs ”.

Digitalization stands out

Turkey General Manager of Borusan Cat Hasan Tahsin said he expected between 20-25 percent decline in construction activity in Europe in 2021 according to the research. Noting that the work will accelerate with the alleviation of pandemic conditions, Tahsin stated that technology and digitalization came to the fore in this period. Stating that applications that detect possible malfunctions in construction machines and components in advance, technician planning, tracking and reporting on a digital and single platform and comprehensive operation management services continue, Tahsin emphasized that online ordering and sales channels are also engaged. Tahsin added that digitalization will be their priority in 2021.