4 million vehicles are painted every year in Turkey!

4 million vehicles are painted every year in Turkey!

28 June 2021 0 By administrator

Monday, 28 June 2021 – 15:03 | Last Updated : 28 06 2021 – 15:03

According to the data of the Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB), it is emphasized that a total of 2 million damage files are opened in Turkey each year, of which 1 million automobile damage files and 1 million traffic damage files.

In these days when the second-hand vehicle market has started to become active again, RS Service shared important information about the “painted vehicle” issue that confuses consumers. Speaking about the issue of paint, which has emerged with the trust problems experienced in vehicle purchase and sale over the years, and abused paint, Ünaldı said, “When purchasing a vehicle 15 years ago, the paint detection on the body was carried out by the visual inspection of the masters, the meges drawn by the factory were compared with the meges drawn by the repair shop. The inclusion of corporate expertise companies in the market. “The second-hand confidence problem has eased a bit. However, the misconception about paint persists.” he said.
High average age

According to TSB data, 2 million damage files are opened in our country every year, with an average of 1 million automobile insurance and 1 million traffic. In addition, it is estimated that 2 million vehicles are repaired every year without opening a damage file. Ünaldı continues his explanations as follows:

“In every accident, an average of 3 pieces of paint are painted on a vehicle. In other words, 4 million vehicles and 12 million vehicle parts are painted annually. The average age of 24 million vehicles in traffic is still 14.2. In such a vehicle park, consumers should pay attention to the quality of the paint process and the harmony of the bodywork with the original vehicle, rather than the number of painted parts. The professional paint process applied by expert trained technicians in TSE certified services, while remaining faithful to the factory paint quality, preserves the value of the vehicle. We will soon start our work with one of the world’s leading paint companies to train expert technicians. Otherwise, looking for a used unpainted vehicle is like looking for a needle in a haystack today.”

350 thousand vehicles go to services

Ünaldı also shared the breakdowns in vehicle repairs after the accident, saying, “35 percent of the vehicles whose damage files are opened from the automobile insurance are authorized service, 45 percent go to the private service, and 20 percent go to the repair shops. 55 percent of the vehicles in the damage files opened through compulsory traffic insurance. repair shop, 35 percent private service, only 10 percent authorized services. The use of poor quality materials and sloppy workmanship are the main factors that will reduce the value of the vehicle.” made the statement.