6 out of 10 people want to buy electricity!

6 out of 10 people want to buy electricity!

28 February 2021 0 By administrator

LeasePlan published the “Electric Vehicles and Sustainability” section of the Mobility Insight Report, which it co-authored with Ipsos. over 5,000 from 22 countries including Turkey also found in the survey held with the participation of people, those who drive electric vehicles and electric vehicles took place requests concerning obstacles to achieving results. While the study showed record support for electric vehicles, especially in the last 3 years, it revealed that more drivers now want to use electric vehicles. According to the study, 65 percent of the participants stated that they will now use zero-emission electric vehicles, while 44 percent stated that their attitude towards electric vehicles has changed positively, especially in the last 3 years.
Obstacles in front of the electric vehicle

Participants who are considering purchasing a new vehicle within 5 years were also asked about their priorities. 61 percent of the participants stated that they would consider purchasing an electric vehicle if they would buy a new vehicle within 5 years. In addition, the study revealed that drivers no longer think green alternatives cost more than driving diesel or gasoline vehicles. 46 percent of respondents stated that electric vehicles not only contribute to the fight against climate change, but also have lower operating costs, thanks to lower CO2 emissions. However, it was also among the results of the research that there are still serious obstacles to electric vehicles. Looking at the overall results, 57 percent of those who plan to buy vehicles in the next 5 years cite purchase prices as the main reason preventing them from purchasing electric vehicles, while 51 percent are worried about undercharging infrastructure and 34 percent are concerned about the range.

69 percent more positive in 3 years

Research the country drew attention to the positive attitudes towards electric vehicles drive on the basis of the results Taken in Turkey. Accordingly, it was revealed that two out of every three drivers participating in the research have a very positive attitude towards electric vehicles, while this attitude has peaked in recent years. The attitude towards Turkey’s electric vehicle last 3 years was 69 percent more positive. It followed by Portugal with 62 per cent of Turkey. Romania, Greece and Italy were among the countries that have shown a more positive attitude towards electric vehicles in the last 3 years. Research certainly be stated that the electric car more than a quarter of the next drive in general, given the intention to breast the tape first in Turkey and electric vehicle research. Accordingly, 61 percent of drivers in Turkey has said it wants to take electric vehicles. Turkey to Italy with 51 percent, followed by Portugal with 49 percent.

Selling prices of electric vehicles

In the Electric Vehicles and Sustainability section of the LeasePlan Mobility Insight Report, the reasons for drivers’ purchases and non-purchases of electric vehicles were also investigated. Accordingly, 47 percent of respondents stated that they preferred electric vehicles due to their low operating costs, 46 percent preferred electric vehicles due to low CO2 emissions, and 33 percent preferred these vehicles due to tax cuts offered to electric vehicle owners. In other words, low operating costs, environmental sensitivity and incentives stand out as the top 3 reasons for choosing electric vehicles. On the other hand, the top 3 reasons why drivers do not prefer electric vehicles are listed as purchase price, insufficient charging possibilities and range. Motorists in Turkey at the beginning of my reasons for buying an electric car came with 54 percent of the purchase price. This was followed by undercharging infrastructure with 37 percent and range concerns at 26 percent.

Women are more conscious of emissions

In the research, the participants were asked about their 2030 expectations for electric vehicles. 58 percent of drivers said they estimate that most vehicles on the road will be electric or similar zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Only 18 percent did not agree with this view. The countries covered by the projection of 2030 was the most hopeful of electric vehicles in Portugal and Turkey. 77 percent of respondents in Portugal, 73 percent of respondents in Turkey, in 2030, most new electric vehicle (or another type of zero-emission vehicles), said he believes will happen.

Recent SCT increase

In LeasePlan Turkey General Manager Türkay Oktay report about evaluation, “Electric vehicles reveal that increased with each passing day of interest and zero-emissions awareness in the fields of our research we carried out in 22 countries work was done prior to that last excise duty arrangements in November 2020. While the most important factor for not choosing an electric vehicle is the purchase price; “The SCT hike on electric vehicles with the latest tax regulation unfortunately seems to hinder the interest and awareness that are developing positively in our country,” he said.