A wind of innovation in commercial vehicles!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

A wind of innovation in commercial vehicles! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

25 February 2021 0 By administrator

In 2020, the heavy commercial vehicle market of 16 tons and above increased by 117 percent compared to the previous year and reached 16 thousand 180. In January this year, it rose by 219 percent to 1,150 units. Truck sales increased by 369 percent to 844 units in January 2021, while the truck grew by 69 percent to 306. Sector representatives predict that the sales will be 17-20 thousand units this year.
3.5 tons and above market

In 2020, the market of 3.5 tons and above vans and trucks resulted in 54.6 thousand units. This market, which reached its peak with 88,000 units in 2015, declined to 60 thousand in 2016, 60 thousand in 2017, 39.800 in 2018, and 27 thousand in 2019 due to the economic crisis. The different dynamics experienced in the first and second half of 2020 enabled the market to reach 54.6 thousand units, increasing by 92 percent compared to 2019. Representatives of the sector expect this market to reach a minimum of 2020, if the economic growth continues in 2021.

Brands renew vehicles

Since the beginning of this year, brands such as Mercedes, Ford Trucks, Otokar, Temsa, and Karsan have made repetitions in many of their products. Improved engine powers, fuel and range improvements bring many innovations, especially in vehicles used in freight and passenger transportation. Domestic manufacturers, who have started to export electric commercial vehicles, are working to increase these markets. In 2020, the light commercial vehicle market increased by 77.2 percent, reaching 162,679 units. This segment is expected to further increase its sales in 2021.

Raised standards in 2021

Extensive innovations have been made in Mercedes-Benz’s Arocs, Actros and Atego models for 2021. This year, Arocs models, whose engine power was increased by 10 to 30 PS, were made more equipped. In the concrete mixer segment, the new Arocs 3740 has joined the family. While the transport series will be renewed in the 2021 Actros models, the Actros 1842 LS for fleet customers in the tractor segment and the Actros 1851 Plus package, the newest member of the series, will meet with customers. Ford Trucks entered 2021 by improving the features and technologies it offers in 2 new product and product portfolios. F-MAX L and ‘Eco + Mode’ have been developed. With the Eco + Mode, which has been standardized in all F-MAXs, it is aimed to achieve fuel savings of up to 5 percent.