Also pay attention to zero km vehicles |  Mehmet Ali Kantarci

Also pay attention to zero km vehicles | Mehmet Ali Kantarci

28 February 2021 0 By administrator

Sunday, February 28, 2021

The number of zero-kilometer vehicle advertisements, which did not exceed 1000 in the past, on the second hand advertisements platforms reaches 10,000 figures.

It is stated that in some 0 km vehicles, where the appraisal is made, all 4 doors are disassembled and installed, and this situation creates a loss of value up to 30-40 thousand TL depending on the vehicle model. One of the leading expertise firms shared important notes about the problems in zero-kilometer vehicles that have been on the agenda in the last few months. Pilot Garage General Coordinator Cihan Emre, one of the sector representatives, said, “Zero kilometers of these vehicles are transported in an amateur way. They can fall off the tractor, other vehicles can crash during parking, they can be exposed to hail rain and many physical factors.

What is more striking is this; Since the SCT rate remains low, leather upholstery or Alcantara is applied to increase the appeal of unequipped vehicles sold with a more affordable price tag. We determined that 4 doors of some zero km vehicles that came to our expertise were dismantled and reinstalled; it turned out that the doors were removed by removing the seats to turn them into leather upholstery.

Likewise, we witness painted parts in vehicles with body kits and similar additions. All of these will cause you to lose up to 30-40 thousand TL in value per vehicle. Insist on having every second-handed zero-kilometer automobile inspected at an impartial and institutional expertise point in order not to be a victim in the future. Vendors do not approach transparently enough on such issues, “he said.