Attention to the people who will buy a second hand car!  After the holidays…

Attention to the people who will buy a second hand car! After the holidays…

27 June 2021 0 By administrator

Sunday, June 27, 2021 – 16:28 | Last Updated : 27 06 2021 – 16:31

Many people who will buy a car prefer to buy a second hand car because the prices are more affordable. Second-hand car buyers, on the other hand, complain that banks have high interest rates on car loans. The high loan interest rates and the pandemic process caused stagnation in the sector. With the normalization that will start on July 1, the second-hand market is expected to become active.

It is of interest to anyone who will buy a used car. Industry representatives gave information about the upcoming process. Stating that the second-hand car market had a bad season due to the pandemic and restrictions, dealer Yunus Ete said, “With the warming of the weather and the relaxation of the restrictions before the holiday, a dynamism began in the second-hand car market. There were people waiting for vehicle prices to decrease, but I do not think that vehicle prices will decrease. After the holiday, we hope that everything will improve, including the automobile market, with the spread of vaccination.”


Noting that automobile purchases had increased in the pre-holiday period, the dealership Uğur Potur said, “The second-hand automobile market has started to move. As of July 1, we foresee that the markets will return to their old days once the restrictions are lifted. Our customers have started to come, but they want car loan interest rates to decrease. The weather has warmed up, we have a holiday ahead of us. During this period, second-hand car sales are on the rise. We expect the markets to move in this period,” he said. (Turkey newspaper)