Auto loans doubled!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

Auto loans doubled! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

31 May 2021 0 By administrator

In the first four months of 2021, the stock balance of automobile loans increased by 102 percent to 82.6 billion TL. The share of financing companies in total automobile loans was 40 percent. While the new vehicle market increased by 73 percent, second-hand vehicle sales also maintain their vitality. Soner Irmak, General Manager of ALJ Finans, stated that the campaigns organized by the brands were effective in increasing the loan volume in this period and said, “When we evaluate the market conditions, we can say that the loan utilization for new cars is at the level of 30-40 percent. Especially in the purchase of second-hand cars, we observe that the loan usage has increased compared to the previous years. We anticipate that the loan volume will continue to grow throughout the year 2021. ” he said.