Barrier in light commercial leasing has been lifted!

Barrier in light commercial leasing has been lifted!

4 July 2021 0 By administrator

Sunday, 04 July 2021 – 1:03 | Last Updated : 04 07 2021 – 1:03

After the partial removal of the obstacle to light commercial vehicle rentals in Turkey as of 2019, the new arrangement in June 2021 paved the way for rentals in this direction.

A commercial vehicle self-ownership requirement for issuing the K2 certificate required for commercial vehicle use has been removed. Within the scope of the “Regulation on Amending the Road Transport Regulation” made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, companies carrying their own products will now be able to obtain the K2 certificate by renting their commercial vehicles only. It offers comprehensive solutions to both passenger and light commercial vehicle customers and welcomes the positive development in question. In line with this, LeasePlan aims to raise light commercial vehicle rentals much higher.
Commercial vehicle industry will grow

Evaluating the issue, LeasePlan Turkey General Manager Türkay Oktay said, “First of all, this is a very pleasing development. A positive step was taken about 1.5 years ago within the scope of leasing light commercial vehicles. However, the phrase “must have at least 1 unit of vehicle” in the K2 Authorization Certificate, which is required from companies that will transport in their own field, was a major obstacle to leasing, especially for SMEs and companies engaged in transportation with one light commercial vehicle. With the revision made here, the way of leasing has been opened for companies that need a light commercial vehicle. In this way, these companies can also choose to rent the light commercial vehicles they have acquired without incurring the purchase cost, and they can benefit from the advantageous world of operational leasing with a fixed monthly rental fee that includes operational costs such as maintenance, repair, inspection and tires. With this development, we think that both the fleet leasing sector and the light commercial vehicle sector in the Turkish automotive market will accelerate and grow.” The phrase “must have at least 1 unit of vehicle” for the K2 Authorization Certificate required from companies that transport goods related to their main field of activity and do not make any profit from transportation is regulated with a newly added clause. Thus, the scope of light commercial vehicle leasing has been expanded by taking into account the vehicles procured through long-term leasing contracts in K2 authorization certificate applications.