Car buyers concern!  It rose and …

Car buyers concern! It rose and …

6 April 2021 0 By administrator

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), according to information compiled from the data, Turkey cars and light commercial vehicles market in the first quarter of this year 2020 grew by 59.7 per cent compared to the same period amounted to 198 thousand 660 pieces.

In this period, automobile sales increased by 57 percent to 156,464 units, while light commercial vehicle sales increased by 70.3 percent to 42,196.

Diesel car sales decreased by 15.6 percent

As of the end of March 2021, according to the engine type of the automobile market, gasoline-powered automobile sales had a share of 63.4 percent with 99 thousand 235 units.

Diesel car sales had a share of 24.1 percent with 37 thousand 726 units, while the share of autogas car sales was determined as 4.3 percent with 6 thousand 789 units.

Gasoline-powered automobile sales increased 114 percent at the end of March compared to the same period of the previous year, and autogas automobile sales increased 37.3 percent, while diesel car sales decreased by 15.6 percent.

As of the end of March last year, 46 thousand 379 gasoline powered cars, 44 thousand 695 diesel and 4 thousand 945 autogas cars were sold.

Sales increased despite the increase in SCT

In Turkey, 12 thousand 402 units in late March and 312 electric hybrid car sales was made.

The share of electric cars in total sales rose from 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent, and the share of hybrid cars from 3.6 percent to 8.7 percent.

At the end of March last year, 107 electric and 3,500 hybrid cars were sold. Thus, hybrid car sales increased by 253.9 percent and electric car sales by 191.6 percent compared to the first three months of this year and the month of last year.

January-March period, data, electric and hybrid car sales in the upward trend of riding Although the world has just become widespread electric and hybrid cars, Turkey pointed out that the car’s share of the market yet that at low levels and recently in sales of excise tax increases in electric cars a downward effect of making.

6 out of 10 drivers in Turkey wants to buy electric vehicles

On the other hand, LeasePlan of the world’s largest fleet leasing company, prior to that last excise duty arrangements in November 2020 conducted in 22 countries, according to the results of the research, positive attitude toward electric vehicles drive in Turkey drew attention. Accordingly, it was revealed that two out of every three drivers participating in the research have a very positive attitude towards electric vehicles, while this attitude has peaked in recent years.

The attitude towards Turkey’s electric vehicle last 3 years was 69 percent more positive. It followed by Portugal with 62 per cent of Turkey. Romania, Greece and Italy were among the countries that have shown a more positive attitude towards electric vehicles in the last 3 years. Research certainly be stated that the electric car more than a quarter of the next drive in general, given the intention to breast the tape first in Turkey and electric vehicle research.

Accordingly, 61 percent of drivers in Turkey, in other words, 6 out of every 10 said he wanted to get lots of electric vehicles. Turkey percent to 51 was Italy, followed by Portugal 49’l percent.