Car rental time is getting longer!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

Car rental time is getting longer! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

15 February 2021 0 By administrator

In 2020, car rental periods were extended. Stating that health sensitivities cause the need for social isolation in transportation, Garenta General Manager Emre Ayyıldız stated:
“Rental terms are extended. When we look at the distance covered in rentals, the average distance was 32 km per rental in 2019, while it was approximately 27 km in 2020. This shows us that hourly rental Moov is being used more and more for short distances. We became an important alternative to transportation during the times when curfews were imposed. “

There is also one who is renting for 80 days

According to the data of Moov, which can be rented for 15 minutes, 2 hours or days, the longest rental period was 80 days in 2020. Announcing that cars are rented mostly on Thursdays in 2020, the brand shared that vehicles with automatic transmission are approximately 2 times more preferred than manual vehicles. Most rent in Pendik in Istanbul; Most rent in Ankara is in Çankaya; In Izmir, the most rented was in Bornova.