Changed the Peugeot logo!  Here is the new design …

Changed the Peugeot logo! Here is the new design …

26 February 2021 0 By administrator

AA | Friday, February 26, 2021 – 9:55 | Last Updated: 26 02 2021 – 10:02

A smoother, better quality and more elegant 11th version new logo, designed by Peugeot Design Lab, the global design studio of the Peugeot brand, has been introduced.

Peugeot, the oldest automotive brand in the world, redefines its personality and character with a new logo and opens a new page in its history.

Since 1850, Peugeot has had 10 different logos, all bearing the lion emblem. Today, the 11th version, designed by the Peugeot brand’s global design studio, Peugeot Design Lab, was introduced.

Peugeot, which renewed its product range by completely overhauling its models in the last 10 years, redesigned its logo to complement its new and modern products. The emblem, lion, on the logo reflects being a strong and instinctive brand at the same time. The new logo embodies what Peugeot meant yesterday, what Peugeot meant today and what Peugeot will mean tomorrow.

In the last 10 years, the entire product range has been renewed and upgraded. As a reflection of this, the Peugeot e-Expert in 2021 and Partner in 2019 were selected as “International Commercial Vehicle of the Year” and three times “Car of the Year” (Peugeot 308 in 2014, Peugeot SUV 3008 in 2017 and Peugeot 208 in 2020). Peugeot has created an electric product range with both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.