Cost increase is more important than the chip problem!

Cost increase is more important than the chip problem!

5 April 2021 0 By administrator

05 April 2021 Monday – 15:17 | Last Updated: 05 04 2021 – 15:24

TAYSAD shared its current research on the problems in the automotive supply chain. It was stated that the biggest problem was high raw material, semi-finished and input prices.

The Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD) has published an up-to-date research on the problems caused by the pandemic in the supply chain. Automotive supply industry operating in 160 companies participated in the survey results, suppliers in Turkey was revealed that the biggest problem faced with higher input prices in 2021. According to the research, which also includes the effects of the chip crisis reflected on many manufacturers globally, 30 percent of the supply industry companies stated that their production decreased due to the chip problem experienced by their customers. However, 59 percent of the supplier industrialists who use chips in their production attributed the chip crisis to the delay in the delivery time, 23 percent attributed it to failure to supply and 18 percent to the high price.
High price problem in PVC

In the TAYSAD research, the supplier industry companies were asked about the problems experienced in the main supply items. Accordingly, 54 percent of the firms reported that they were most affected by the high price in sheet-metal procurement. This problem was followed by delays in delivery time with 33 percent and supply problems with 13 percent. Likewise, half of the participating companies complained about the high price in plastic procurement, while 30 percent stated that they experienced delay in the delivery time of plastics. 20 percent of the companies emphasized that they are experiencing difficulties in plastic supply. The participants stated that they also experienced problems in products such as aluminum, copper and PVC due to the very high prices.

7 out of 10 suppliers have a container problem

The research also shed light on the container problem, which has been frequently voiced recently, in terms of the automotive supply industry. Accordingly, 72 percent of the supply industry companies stated that they had a container supply problem, and 28 percent stated that they did not have any problems. Those who had a container supply problem pointed to the high prices as the main reason for the problem. The main reasons for the container problems were listed as 60 percent high price, 35 percent failure to supply and 21 percent lack of space on ships.