Critical warning from experts before the holiday!  Pay attention to these while driving!

Critical warning from experts before the holiday! Pay attention to these while driving!

16 July 2021 0 By administrator

Mete Bayrakçı, the General Manager of Demir Bükey Academy, which has been serving in the field of safe driving techniques in our country with its experience for many years, reminded the important points for our citizens who will travel during the holiday break.

Emphasizing that the issues that drivers who will be in the traffic environment should pay attention to during the holiday begin before they travel, Bayrakçı expresses his views as follows: “Due to the covid-19 process, which has been affecting the world for a long time, the number of people who want to travel with their own vehicles instead of public transportation in our country recently. We observe a significant increase.

In addition, during the Eid al-Adha, which has a special importance for us, a busy traffic environment awaits us, which will be created by those who yearn for their homeland, spouse, friends, relatives and those who want to go on holiday as a result of the seasonal effect. The points that drivers should pay attention to, so that the most beautiful holiday happiness does not turn into sadness, starts before they set off.

Because, after the long-term closures and travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic conditions, maximum attention must be paid despite the risk that the drivers will be without training and the vehicles will be neglected”.


Emphasizing that many vehicles have been waiting in the car parks for a long time with the effect of the pandemic period, Bayrakçı states that, like a working iron, the vehicles whose maintenance repairs have been postponed or disrupted must be checked before the holiday trip.

Flagman; He emphasizes the importance of preparations before the trip by saying, “Drivers should definitely check all the vital elements of their vehicles, such as the engine, brake, battery, air conditioner, lighting equipment, wipers, especially the tire pressures”.


Emphasizing that an unplanned unscheduled travel can be a major stress factor for the driver and passengers when combined with mishaps such as traffic jams, Bayrakçı states that the trip should be planned before setting off. Bayrakçı, who states that a break should be taken every 2 hours on average, states that alternative stopovers should definitely be planned due to the excessive densities that may occur at the stopovers during the holiday traffic.


Stating that passengers traveling in the vehicle have responsibilities as well as drivers for a safe journey, Bayrakçı underlines that travel should be seen as a part of the holiday and emphasizes that the stress of reaching the destination as soon as possible should be avoided.

At this point, Academy experts summarize the points to be followed during travel as follows:

* In addition to the drivers, everyone traveling in the vehicle, including those sitting in the back and children, must wear their seat belts,

* By following the traffic rules without compromising, the speed factor should be kept within legal limits and should be reviewed according to weather and road conditions,

* Tired, sleepless, medicated or drunk driving should not be used,

* Unnecessary aggressive actions, arguments and stubbornness with other drivers should be avoided,

* All items in the vehicle should be fixed, sharp and sharp objects should not be kept in the cabin,

* During travel, heavy and oily foods and drinks that may cause sleep should not be consumed,

* If your vehicle is equipped with a passenger airbag, passengers shorter than 163cm must travel in the back seat (this applies to passengers taller than 163cm and reclining their seat),

* Following distance should be maintained,

* It should not be forgotten that the deadliest accidents occur during the day and in sunny weather, especially on straight road sections where the speed factor increases,

* Unnecessary steering and braking movements should be avoided in the corners, whatever preparation is necessary should be done before entering the bend,

* It should be taken into account that possible road works, melting asphalt and gravel deposits will adversely affect the vehicle’s handling,

* In order to be seen more easily by those coming from the opposite direction, your dipped beam headlights must be kept on during the daytime.