Export champions in automotive have been announced!

Export champions in automotive have been announced!

15 February 2021 0 By administrator

champion of 2020 companies in the automotive industry of Turkey’s exports became apparent that export champion for 15 years. Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (PA) by the Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), according to a statement made on the basis of data in 2020 did not change the ranking of the top three automotive companies with the highest export. As in 2019, Ford Automotive was at the top among the automotive companies that exported a total of 25.5 billion dollars. Toyota was the second and Oyak-Renault was the third. The first three companies were followed by Tofaş, Kibar Dış Ticaret, Mercedes-Benz Türk, Bosch Sanayi ve Ticaret, TGS Dış Ticaret, Man Truck & Bus.
In January 2021, when the effects of the pandemic continued, the automotive industry realized an export of 2.3 billion dollars with a decrease of 5.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The share of Turkey’s export industry was 16.8 percent. According to OIB data, exports of passenger cars decreased by 20 percent and by 66 percent in the bus-midibus-minibus product group, while exports of motor vehicles for transporting goods increased by 28.5 percent in January.

The first quarter is tough

OIB Chairman Baran Steel, automotive and congratulated the champion of 2020 “our company, because the pandemic is a difficult year for both Turkey and the world has experienced dramatic declines in exports in 2020. Despite this, we did not give up on our goals. I would like to thank all our companies who have passed the target that we have revised with their superior effort and congratulate them for their exemplary success. Due to the continuing impact of the pandemic, it seems that the first quarter of 2021 will be particularly difficult. However, we believe that we will maintain our advantageous position in the changing trade balances and make the growth permanent with our strong infrastructure in terms of both main and supply industry ”.

4 percent increase in the supply industry

On the basis of product groups, while the export of the Supply Industry increased by 4% to 890 million dollars, Passenger Car exports decreased by 20% to 824 million dollars. Exports of Motor Vehicles for Carrying increased 28.5% to $ 427 million, while exports of Bus-Minibus-Midibus decreased by 66% to $ 46 million.

Germany, the country with the highest exports in the supply industry, increased by 8%, 21% to Italy, 43% to Spain, 17% to the USA and Poland, and 16% to Russia, There was a 40% decrease in exports to Romania and a 55% drop to Slovenia. 5% to France, 12% to Poland, 51% to Sweden and 51% increase in passenger cars to Italy, 13% to Germany. There was a 26% drop to Spain, 29% to the UK, 60% to the UK and 37% to Belgium.

10 percent increase in exports to France

Germany, the largest market of the industry, decreased by 5.5 percent to 321 million dollars, while exports to France increased by 10 percent to 305 million dollars and to Italy with a 0.4% decrease to 214 million dollars. Among the important markets, 28% increase in exports to Poland, 34% to the USA, 20% to Sweden, 33% to Ireland, while 18% to the United Kingdom, 13% to Spain and 17% to Slovenia. or 49%, Slovenia 37% and Israel 42%. The increase in exports of motor vehicles for transporting goods was effective in the increase in the USA.

Exports to the EU decreased by 5 percent

On the basis of country group, the European Union countries, which have a share of 69 percent in exports, decreased by 5 percent to 1 billion 567 million USD. There was a 21% increase in exports to the North American Free Trade Zone and a 28% decrease to the Middle East Countries.