He wants to “sell his consumer vehicle now!”

He wants to “sell his consumer vehicle now!”

4 April 2021 0 By administrator

Otomerkezi.net’s online “Instant Sell Center” application, which was introduced about 1 year ago, was met with great interest by consumers. allowing the sale of the entire system within 24 hours and offer free appraisals benefits in Turkey, it was held 12 months 35 thousand vehicles sales application. Regarding the application, which offers the opportunity to pay in just 15 minutes after sales and transfer operations, Otomerkezi.net CEO Ali Karakaş said, “The interest in the used vehicle market and digitalization has now gained a continuity. Used vehicle that invests in technology and innovation and prefers institutionalization. vendors will be more prominent in the upcoming period.
Online sales are on the agenda

Now, 7 out of every 10 cars are sold online. With the new hemensatmerkezi.com portal we have launched, vehicle owners can value their vehicles free of charge in a short time like 1.5 minutes, sell their vehicles within 24 hours, and have free appraisal at TSE and HYB certified points in 81 provinces. You can value as many vehicles as you want during the day without requiring any membership. In addition, with our new tender module, corporate sellers can participate in the auctions and buy vehicles at weekly auctions. “

30 thousand younger than 10 years old

Karakaş also touched on the details of the vehicle sales applications made to Instant Sell and said that the users of vehicles with high model years are more receptive to sales through the online platform. Stating that only 5 thousand vehicles out of 35 thousand vehicles are 2010 models and below, the manager said, “15 thousand of the vehicles for which the application is made and the offer is between the ages of 5-10, and 15 thousand of them are 5 years old and under. We have no price limit for purchasing vehicles. We are seeking all vehicles up to 200 thousand kilometers with no heavy damage record and whose TRAMER registration does not exceed 30 thousand TL. Moreover, against the opportunism made by the stockists in zero-kilometer vehicles, we do not accept cars below 1.000 km for sale. ” gave his statements.