Honda HR-V is renewed!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

Honda HR-V is renewed! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

19 February 2021 0 By administrator

The new generation HR-V, produced within the scope of Honda’s ‘Electric Vision Strategy’, which aims to make all models electric or hybrid in 2022, is on the road with the e: HEV hybrid power transmission system. The third generation HR-V, designed with two-motor e: HEV power-transfer system and safety technologies with high power generation, aims to increase its claim in its segment with its renewed appearance. The new HR-V, which has Honda’s clean design philosophy, will be available in Europe at the end of 2021.

Premium SUV design

The new HR-V, which attracts attention with its assertive design front grille, also draws attention with sharper and vertical edge designs for a more sheltered interior. Details such as the low and flat engine hood in the middle and the strong shoulder line that integrates with the lower point of the A pillars strengthen the SUV appearance of the HR-V, providing a safer appearance. Another design feature of the new HR-V that offers comfort is the Magic Seat function. Thanks to Honda’s correct positioning of the hybrid powertrain and fuel tank in the new HR-V, the boot depth achieved by folding the seats to the floor or lifting it up offers comfort.