Important decision about caravans!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

Important decision about caravans! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

10 April 2021 0 By administrator

The OIK made a recommendation for the re-arrangement of the caravan inspection periods. According to the information received, a citizen who owns a caravan applied to the OIK, claiming that he was called for examination every two years, but this situation constituted a grievance.

The KDK, who examined the application, determined that caravans of 750 kilograms and below were not registered and were not subjected to inspection, but those over 750 kilograms were evaluated within the trailer class and were called for examination every year. In addition, the KDK determined that the caravan was inspected every year on the grounds that “it can be towed by vans” despite having different licenses, and evaluated that this was not fair.

The KDK determined that there was no clear regulation on this issue and made a recommendation to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on the determination of the inspection validity periods of the caravan type vehicles to make a clear regulation. In the reply letter, the Ministry stated that the issue of determining the inspection validity period of the caravan type vehicles in accordance with the recommendation will be taken into consideration in the first change to be made.