It is requested to arrange an SCT in the motor caravan!

It is requested to arrange an SCT in the motor caravan!

25 February 2021 0 By administrator

quite costly due to the high rate of excise duty to have motor homes in Turkey. If a new vehicle purchased with the commercial vehicle SCT is turned into a caravan, the SCT rate rises to 220 percent. If the age of the commercial vehicle is 5 and over, the SCT decreases, but it is not preferred in these vehicles due to their age and high km. Inan Ekici, President of All Car Rental Organizations Association (TOKKDER), says the following about the subject:
“You buy a commercial vehicle to turn it into a caravan, take it to the superstructure builder, change the purpose of use and turn it into private. Since the engines of these vehicles are always over 2000-2500, they are based on 220 percent SCT. Thus, motor caravans job also takes away a state’s developing in Turkey. What we want; create value for Turkey, with hundreds of motor caravans is not never earn as much money out of it. Turkey tourism is missing a huge opportunity. “

Germany example

Drawing attention to the fact that 160 thousand caravans registered to the traffic in Germany last year, Ekici said, “The caravan business is a big business in Portugal, Italy, Spain, England, Germany both in private ownership and daily rental, and for companies that do it privately. Why not in a country that has a distinct beauty in every region? Why are citizens of the world to come to our country, caravans Turkey’s beauty instead of closing prefer all-inclusive system to travel somewhere to see it get? “

Campers noted that tourism is important for Turkey Ekici, “the Treasury and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry that they care. We made important presentations to them and they liked it. We are trying to catch the agenda. As TOKKDER, we will make a joint request with sector NGOs in the coming days ”. Growers said that excise duty should withdraw to where the market will bear produced in Turkey.