It opens the tourism season with new vehicles!

It opens the tourism season with new vehicles!

31 March 2021 0 By administrator

TEMSA, which is under the umbrella of Sabancı Holding and PPF Group partnership, increased production and speeded up its deliveries. In this context, the company delivered a total of 85 vehicles to Zemzem, Şekerler, Aksu, Kıraç and Sorgun Turizm operating in Antalya. The vehicles will be used for tourism transportation in Antalya from the new season. TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “These deliveries we made in Antalya are among the pioneering signals of the recovery we expect in the tourism sector, which was hurt by the pandemic. Today in the segment of buses and coaches, one out of every three vehicles located in Turkey TEMSE way. We will continue to strengthen our position in the market with new deliveries in the upcoming period ”.

TEMSA Sales and Marketing Deputy General Manager Hakan Koralp stated that they made nearly 900 sales in all segments in 2020 and said, “We have a sales target of nearly 3,500 in 2023 with the strength of our new partners. We plan to increase the number of our exports, which approached 400 vehicles in 2020, to around 1,800 in 2023. ” he spoke. TEMSA, which has started to produce its own battery packs with the facility in Adana, exported our first electric vehicles to Sweden in recent months. TEMSA, which won the tender in Prague with its sister company Skoda Transportation, aims to deliver electric vehicles to the region in the coming days. In addition, the tests of the electric bus specially developed for this market continue in the US state of California.


Zemzem Tourism President Ayhan Yıldırım, who received a total of 55 vehicles from TEMSA, also stated that they operated a total of more than 2 thousand vehicles in all business lines; He said that there were 400 buses in 1,200 self-owned vehicles. Stating that the tourism industry has great expectations from 2021, Yıldırım said, “We think we will reach the 2019 figures in tourism this year. This will be a great success despite all pandemic conditions. In order to achieve this success, 1 million vaccines should be made as soon as possible for tourism workers and tourism sector players; Besides, it is very important that charter flights start ”.