It will produce 7 new electrics by 2025!

It will produce 7 new electrics by 2025!

7 May 2021 0 By administrator

Aiming to be the greenest brand by 2030, Renault aims to make 9 out of 10 cars sold as of this date. Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo gave the following information:
“Renault Re-Factory, Europe’s important cyclical economy center, will take the first step towards a sustainable model with an annual recycling or upcycling capacity of 120,000 vehicles. We aim to use approximately 80 percent of the strategically recycled materials in new batteries. “

New 7 models are coming

Meo stated that they will launch 7 all-electric models in the C and D segments by 2025 and said, “It will be the beginning of the commercial breakthrough with the Arkana model. Representing the future of connected and fully electric cars, the new generation Megane E-TECH Electric will also be available in the near future. “The improvements made in E-TECH Hybrid technology will continue and the highest level of efficiency and driving pleasure experiences will be developed for C and D segment vehicles that will be available soon.”

New era, new logo

Gilles Vidal, Brand Design Director of Renault, gave tips on the use of the new logo at the meeting. Gilles Vidal, who shared the image of the logo that will be behind the new Megane E-TECH Electric model, which is planned to be available for sale in 2022, presented 2 images of the improved cabin experience. The range is aimed to be presented with the new logo. The Renault brand is the leader in the European electric vehicle market, with a sales figure of approximately 400 thousand units reached so far.

New models on the way

In 2021, with the Arkana and Captur E-TECH Hybrid and Megane Sedan E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid models, which were recently launched, Renault brand has an electric vehicle product range that includes 6 E-TECH hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Group Engineering Vice President Gilles Le Borgne stated that by expanding the E-TECH hybrid technology with future generations, the brand is preparing for the future. The upper segments, especially in the C-SUV segment, will be offered a new 1.2 liter 3-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor and an electric motor. By 2022, 200 hp models will be available with hybrid and 280 hp models with 4 wheel drive will be available with Plug-in Hybrid by 2024.

New Arkana sporty and hybrid

Preparing to compete in the international C segment market, Arkana’s full hybrid design deeply affects the market dynamics. Arkana, the first SUV-Coupé to come out of a high-volume manufacturer, combines driving pleasure, comfort and spaciousness. New Renault Arkana E-TECH Hybrid, which has already reached 6 thousand orders in Europe as of May, proving that it is eagerly anticipated, is planned to be on the road in June.

Kangoo is renewed

Kangoo, which has become a true icon since its launch in 1997, is also back. New Kangoo combines elegance, space and technology. The powerful and aerodynamically designed vehicle offers the largest possible volume with three full-size seats in the rear and an accessible stowage volume of 49 liters. The large luggage compartment has a flatbed stowage volume from 775 liters to 3,500 liters. Standard equipment has 14 new standard driving assistance systems for optimum safety. The new Kangoo will be available in both 5 and 7-seat models. By 2022, New Kangoo will be on the market with the option of a fully electric E-TECH model. 25% of Renault sales in Europe are electric vehicles and 30% of Clio sales in France are hybrid vehicles.