It will recycle the tires!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

It will recycle the tires! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

4 March 2021 0 By administrator

Supporting the use of tires up to the legal limit of 1.6 mm, Michelin announced that it will establish the world’s first tire recycling facility to extract carbon black, oil, steel and gas from end-of-life tires. The facility, which is a joint venture project with the Swedish company Enviro, aims to start serving nature in 2023. The tire recycling facility will support the circular economy with innovative processes. End-of-life tires will be collected directly from customers, then shredded and transported to the facility for recycling. The facility, built in Chile, aims to recycle 30,000 tons of construction equipment per year, or about 60% of these tires that are discarded nationwide each year.