It’s time to take out the winter tires!

It’s time to take out the winter tires!

1 April 2021 0 By administrator

01 April 2021 Thursday – 16:45 | Last Updated: 01 04 2021 – 16:45

Mandatory winter tire application is coming to an end. So how and when should winter tires be removed? How should the tires that come out from under the vehicle be stored? Tire Manufacturers and Importers Association announced.

In order to ensure safe driving and safe traffic in winter conditions, a winter tire obligation has been implemented since December 1. With the decision of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the obligation for intercity passenger and freight vehicles in accordance with the Highways Traffic Law will expire on April 1. Erdal Kurt, Secretary General of Tire Manufacturers and Importers Association; In the press release on the subject, he listed the points to be considered before removing winter tires:
“There are too many questions from drivers about when and how to remove winter tires. Sudden changes in weather conditions and temperatures below seasonal normals also differ according to regions. For this reason, our drivers must act according to the climatic conditions of the region they live in before removing their winter tires. Here, as authorized by the law, the decision of the relevant Governorship can be followed.

In what environment and how should winter tires be stored?

Another important point to be considered before removing winter tires is to hide the tires coming out from under the vehicle. These tires need to be stored under the most ideal conditions and to provide the ideal storage environment in order to prevent performance losses when they are placed under the vehicle again. Ideal environment for tire storage; They are dry, cool, sunlight-free environments away from acids and oil-like chemicals.

It is also wondering how to stack or store tires in these environments. Tires should be stacked vertically and side by side if possible, if not one on top of the other; their location should be changed alternately. Be careful not to subject your tires to permanent deformation due to weight or pressure. Stored correctly, the tire will prolong its life; There is no loss of performance when it is placed under the vehicle again. On the other hand, when winter tires are removed, the tires suitable for the season to be installed under the vehicle must also be checked by an expert. The tires you will start to use; We recommend that you have the dental, heel, cheek and back checks done by authorized services. Disabilities such as irregular wear, puncture, wear and tear should be examined by the experts. Mounting on the appropriate rim, pressing the correct air and making balance adjustments are the most important points to be considered for a safe ride. Switching from a winter tire to a seasonal tire is not only possible by removing the tire on April 1; It requires doing this whole process correctly.