Last minute explanation about car prices!  Will car prices go down?  And it became clear

Last minute explanation about car prices! Will car prices go down? And it became clear

18 July 2021 0 By administrator

Bad news for those who are planning to buy a car! The market is moving. Mobility will also be reflected in car prices. Hakan Yanik, President of Bursa Chamber of Auto Galleries, said that the activity in the second-hand vehicle market has increased and they do not expect a decrease in prices.

Burns said that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic also affected second-hand vehicle sales.

Indicating that the effects of the epidemic slowed down, those who could not buy new vehicles tended to second-hand vehicles, Yanık said, “At the moment, second-hand mobility continues. Those who cannot buy new vehicles have increased their demand for second-hand vehicles. Our business is in good condition.” said.

Burns stated that the prices followed a fluctuating course and that they could not buy the vehicles of the same brand and features at the same price as they sold, Yanık continued as follows:

“We can’t fix the prices. Although the vicious circle and the rise in prices disrupt our business, we reach the sales we expect, but our profit margins have come to an end. The biggest factor in the increase in prices is the gallerists, but the gallerists are in no way satisfied with the increase in prices. If there is a continuous increase in our trade, our capital will melt. “We sell the car we bought for 50 thousand liras for 55 thousand liras, then we go and buy it for 57 thousand liras. We have around 150 thousand auto tradesmen across Turkey, these are victims.”

“The most preferred hatchback style vehicles, which we call ‘middle segment'”

Burns stated that in previous years, the market was active in periods such as before the feast and before the summer, but this year the situation was different and the activity spread throughout the year.

Indicating that those who have cash buy the vehicle that fits their budget, Yanık said, “The most preferred are hatchback style, diesel, automatic or semi-automatic vehicles, which we call ‘middle segment’, in second-hand vehicles. “There is no drop in the hand. We gave up without falling, we want to stabilize it. We are trying to stabilize the prices as much as we can. We want the prices of second-hand vehicles to decrease more than anyone else.” he said.