Made 19 million scooters in 75 years!

Made 19 million scooters in 75 years!

17 May 2021 0 By administrator

Vespa, the iconic Italian brand of the motorcycle world, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and also draws attention with its production success. Vespa; While it has produced over 1 million 800 thousand in the last 10 years, it has produced a total of 19 million units since 1946. Vespa, which produces uniquely designed scooters with its durable body concept made of completely steel, has attracted attention especially with the increasing production numbers in the last 20 years.
They use it in 83 countries

The brand, which produced 50 thousand units in 2000, exceeded 100 thousand in 2007 and in 2018, it doubled its success with the production of more than 200 thousand scooters. Vespa, which is a part of the life culture for many users, as a global manufacturer; It continues its production in 3 plants in Pontedera-Italy for Europe, America and all western markets, in Vinh Phuc-Vietnam for the local market and the Far East, and in Baramati-India for the markets of India and Nepal. Vespa, which is offered for sale in a total of 83 countries, continues on its journey as a practical urban transportation vehicle, as the most well-known icon in the world that affects millions today.

Models diversified and renewed

Vespa, which launched the PK 125 Automatica model with automatic transmission in 1984, exceeded 10 million in 1988. Long-kilometer journeys also contributed to Vespa’s becoming a rising phenomenon. Journalist and writer Giorgio Bettinelli traveled 90 countries and traveled 250 thousand kilometers, traveling the continents with various Vespas in the 90s. Vespa’s first 4-stroke engine with automatic transmission was also introduced in 1996 with the ET4 125 cc. Vespa, which entered the American market in 2000, renewed its GT 125 and GT 200 models in the following years and returned to its most classic lines with the LX. Vespa 300 GTS Super drew attention as the sportiest and highest performance model.