Mercedes recalls 1 million vehicles!

Mercedes recalls 1 million vehicles!

15 February 2021 0 By administrator

Mercedes’ eCall system on affected vehicles gives the wrong position after an accident. As such, Mercedes-Benz recalled 1 million 29 thousand vehicles. Reportedly, the eCall software does not provide the correct position of a vehicle for emergency response after an accident, and it is said to affect other users as well.

Covers vehicles from 2016 and 2021

In 2019, Reuters reported that Mercedes-Benz’s automatic eCall system was investigating an incident in Europe where its cars were misplaced. The firm found other instances where the wrong vehicle location was transmitted. After that, the recalled vehicles were listed. Here are the vehicle models called for change after the error experienced:

According to the official statement, the CLA class, GLA class, GLE class, GLS class, SLC class, A class, GT class, C class, E class, S as well as CLS class, SL class, B class, sold between the 2016-2021 model years class, GLB class, GLC class and G class vehicles have been added to the list on the grounds that there is an error.

The automaker says there was no material damage or personal injury caused by the problem. The recall will begin on April 6, 2021.

In the company’s official statement, the power supply in the communication module collapses due to any collision and causes the vehicle to misunderstand its position during the emergency call. However, the company adds, “the other functions of the automatic and manual emergency call function are fully operational”.