New Audi A3s hit the road!

New Audi A3s hit the road!

22 February 2021 0 By administrator

Having succeeded in being one of the best-selling models of Audi since its introduction in 1996, the Audi A3 was launched with its fourth generation. Offered for sale in two different body types, Sportback and Sedan, the new A3 is available in 1.5-liter 4-cylinder TFSI and 1-liter 3-cylinder TFSI engine options and in two different equipment levels. The price of the A3 Sportbacks starts from 397 thousand TL and the sedans start from 424.2 thousand TL.
Vehicles get longer

Both body types of the fourth generation of the A3 have compact proportions and a sporty design. The single-frame grille and large air intakes at the front reveal its dynamic character. The shoulder line runs in a soft line from the headlights to the tail lights. The area below becomes more curved and the fenders look powerful. Another innovation is the digital daytime running lights, which are offered with optional Matrix LED headlights on both bodies. The sporty and sophisticated design is also evident in the interior: new gear, aluminum or carbon inlays, striking door locks and the dashboard with a black panel look. With a length of 4.34 meters and a width of 1.82 meters (excluding mirrors), the A3 Sportback has grown a little more than 3 centimeters compared to the previous model. The 2.64-meter wheelbase of the model with a height of 1.45 meters remains unchanged. 380 liters of luggage space reaches 1,200 liters when the rear seat bench is tilted.

Tools expanded

The new Audi A3 Sedan is just over 15 centimeters taller than the A3 Sportback. The trunk capacity of this body, which has all the same dimensions, is 425 liters. A3 Sportback opens / closes electrically; While the A3 Sedan is offered with a power-operated boot, both models have the feature of a tailgate that can be opened with a foot movement, with the optional Comfort Switch. In the new Audi A3, whose cockpit is entirely focused on the driver, there are elements that are used to see in the brand’s top-class models. The 12.3-inch touch screen integrated in the middle of the instrument panel is standard with the Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus in both body options. In addition, the instrument panel can be controlled by the driver via the digital and multifunction steering wheel.

Two different engine options

The new A3 TFSI engine is offered in 2 different in each body type to be the same in Turkey. The first engine option is the 30 TFSI. This 3-cylinder, 1-liter engine produces 110 hp and 200 Mn of torque. The model, offered with a 7-speed S tronic transmission, reaches a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds. The A3 Sportback with this engine has a top speed of 204 km / h, while this value is 210 km / h in the A3 Sedan. The second engine option is the 35 TFSI. This 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine gives 150 hp and 250Nm of torque. This model, which transfers power with a 7-speed S tronic transmission, takes 8.4 seconds to reach 100km / h from a standstill. The top speed of the model is 224 km / h in the Sportback body type and 232 km / h in the sedan. Cruise control is also one of the first in this class.