New development regarding used car prices!  It has been determined, the raise rate and date …

New development regarding used car prices! It has been determined, the raise rate and date …

28 March 2021 0 By administrator

Gökçe KARAKÖSE, Özgür KUMANOVALI / İSTANBUL, (DHA) | Sunday, March 28, 2021 – 11:57 | Last Updated: 28 03 2021 – 12:13

Millions of people who will buy a car are doing research on used car prices. Used car prices, which had been in a downward trend for a while, started to rise. What is the latest situation regarding used car prices? Will the rise in used vehicle prices continue? Is it the right time to buy a used car? There was a decline in the second-hand car market, where prices increased due to the pandemic last year. Garaj Eurasia Chairman Mehmet Ali Özkan, who stated that the holiday plans will activate the second-hand market with the spring and the prices will increase, said, “As of next month, the second hand can be increased by 5 to 10 percent.”

Anyone who plans to buy a car says, “Will car prices drop?” he is doing research. An important statement about second-hand car prices was revealed. It is reported that the upward trend in used cars prices will continue. The date for the raise to be made for used cars was given.

As the coronavirus increased the personal isolation measures of the citizen, this caused the prices of used cars to remain at high levels for a long time. The price increases, which ended in November, also prompted those who want to buy second-hand cars. Saying that this period is suitable for those who want to buy a car, Garaj Eurasia Chairman of the Board Mehmet Ali Özkan said, “Every sector in the world has been seriously injured in the process that started with the coronavirus for the last 1 year. The automotive industry was going very well. For a while, second hand prices almost doubled. With the coronavirus, people said ‘I should not take a public vehicle’ and increased the demand for the car, but in the last quarter, zero car prices came almost second-hand cheap. This situation seriously affected the second hand market. You buy a car for 100 liras, you will sell it for 110 liras, but the same car is zero for 90 liras. As such, the second hand market is stable now. There has been a serious stagnation for 3-4 months. But recently, the number of installments has increased to 60, and we are starting to see a little further ”.


Emphasizing that this period is suitable for those who want to buy a car, Özkan said, “Currently, second hand prices are very attractive. If there are those who want to buy a car that will see the need; There is a serious opportunity both in the second hand and at zero. As of next month, I think that there will be a hike of 5 to 10 percent since the second hand has not been raised for a long time ”.

Stating that this period is active, Özkan said, “Spring is here too. We got through the winter somehow, but now everyone will want to go to their hometown on vacation, which will increase the need for cars. We cannot say 30 to 50 percent increase because we do not have an indicator to show it yet. Those who want to sell can lose money if they sell it right now. “The prices will be much better like April-May.”


Özkan, who gave advice to buyers of used cars, made the following warnings:

“In zero vehicles, a certain group is selling by resetting the brains of vehicles that have reached a certain kilometer and have some accidents. The car is actually in 5 thousand or 10 thousand, but there is a group that earns a serious profit from there by resetting this or camouflaging its accident. The appraisal company was commissioned. Here, when a gallery owner says ‘such and such an expertise’, they can be taken to a different impartial appraisal instead of taking them to him. Everything is revealed from A to Z with technology. Is there an accident? What is the situation in the kilometer? We can learn all of these. Since there are institutions authorized by the state, a good expertise report will solve everything. When buying a car from a gallery, it is necessary to know who is behind it. Whatever job you do, you need trust first. “


Pointing out that control does not prevent trust, Özkan said, “My trust in that person does not prevent me from controlling him, so we can get it very easily from expertise. There are plate query, accident query and mileage inquiry. But if the car has never been to an authorized service, it may not be registered. Other than that, the history of every car is clear ”.


Expressing that those who encounter cheating while purchasing a new or second-hand car can easily seek their legal rights, Özkan said, “Those who encounter such a situation can call their rights very easily. The gallery where he bought the car is also responsible for this problem. There are clear decisions on this issue in the courts. Since this is known as a defective good, it will pay for it. The automotive industry is much more under control than in previous years. Huge speculation, big tricks do not happen. There are those who do, but the number of them is very few. We will be cautious and do a good research. We have technology at our disposal. When we want to buy something, there are so many options before us. “I think we will not experience these troubles when we investigate well what we will get.”