New domestic model from TürkTraktör!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

New domestic model from TürkTraktör! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

17 February 2021 0 By administrator

TürkTraktör launched the new 50 HP model of the JXE series, which is the ‘first tractor’ in the tractor market with a power range of 0-50 HP. JX50E model was developed and designed by TürkTraktör engineers. This new 50 HP tractor of the JXE series has the feature of being domestic production from its engine to its hydraulic parts. The vehicle was produced in accordance with the Tractor Main Framework Regulation (TMR) regulations, which will come into effect in April this year. Within the scope of TMR, the JX50E series was manufactured with the emphasis on user safety such as removing especially sharp corners in tractors, preventing uncontrolled operation of rotating parts such as PTO, and adding battery switches to safety equipment. Case IH JX50E, which is in the 50 HP segment and has the characteristics of this segment, aims to be the main tractor of small-scale agricultural enterprises and the auxiliary tractor of large-scale agricultural enterprises.