New era in second hand trade |  Mehmet Ali Kantarci

New era in second hand trade | Mehmet Ali Kantarci

31 May 2021 0 By administrator

The Ministry of Commerce has signed a new regulation regarding the purchase and sale of used vehicles. An appraisal report is required for vehicles aged 8 years and less than 160 thousand km.

With the new regulation signed by the Ministry of Commerce, an appraisal report has become obligatory in the purchase and sale of vehicles under 8 years old and under 160 thousand km. Emphasizing that businesses that buy and sell second-hand vehicles should obtain a Certificate of Authorization until July 31, 2021, Otomerkez CEO Ali Karakaş pointed out that 60 percent of vehicle sales last year were unregistered. Karakaş stated that they have been working for the regulation of the second-hand vehicle market for many years and that they support the decision taken.

Confidence increases

Expressing that consumers’ confidence in second-hand vehicles will increase with the regulation, Karakaş said, “This development, which will increase the interest in the second-hand vehicle market, will not affect the decision of those who are considering buying a zero kilometer vehicle, and will not lead them to second hand. We do not expect a demand transition from zero kilometer vehicles to second-hand vehicles. The highest demand. Currently, for cars between the ages of 7-12 and with a price tag of 70 thousand TL-140 thousand TL. It is not possible to give any guarantee for vehicles older than 8 years old, so the arrangement is realistic. The most important factor is the gradual institutionalization of the sector and reaching new standards will play an important role.” made statements.

Appraisal rates will increase

Pilot Garage General Coordinator Cihan Emre stated that the decision taken to end the uneasiness and insecurity that consumers have been experiencing for many years is a pleasing development. Emre said, “The demand for the second hand has brought with it the inclusion of those whose main business is not buying and selling second-hand vehicles, new cheats and fraud cases. With the arrangement, the confidence in second-hand vehicles will increase. ” said. While 65 percent of the 8.2 million vehicles sold are subject to the appraisal process, it is predicted that this rate will reach 95 percent in the long run with the regulation.