Now Ferrari is electrified!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

Now Ferrari is electrified! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

28 June 2021 0 By administrator

Monday, June 28, 2021 – 15:06 | Last Updated : 28 06 2021 – 15:06

Ferrari 296 GTB introduced. The 296 GTB’s 663 CV, 120° angled V6-cylinder engine is powered by an electric motor.

With the 296 GTB, Ferrari aims to start a unique revolution by introducing a new engine type surrounding the brand’s multi-award winning 8- and 12-cylinder power units. A new 663 cv 120° V6 is coupled with an electric motor producing 122 kW (167 cv). This is Ferrari’s first 6-cylinder engine mounted on a road car, producing a total power of 830 cv.
The 296 GTB name stands for GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta), the engine’s displacement (2,992 cc), the number of cylinders (6) and as part of the Ferrari tradition. Not only does it stand out with its high power generation, the rechargeable hybrid system (PHEV) also accelerates the accelerator pedal response times and offers a range of 25 km in all-electric eDrive driving mode, making the 296 GTB compatible with different usage conditions.

Even more agile

The new Ferrari V6, which has a very low overall engine mass and center of gravity, also breaks the power production record per liter for a production car with 221 per liter (CV).

The switch between electric and hybrid modes takes place in line with the characteristic sports car features of the 296 GTB. Alongside the traditional Manettino, a power management selector (eManettino) is available. eManettino; It has four different locations: eDrive, Hybrid, Performance and Qualify.

Even at low revs, the car transmits a thoroughbred V12 sound into the cabin; As the revs increase, this sound turns into a high-frequency high-pitched sound. All this impressive gig continues until 8,500 rpm, when the rev breaker kicks in. In developing the 296 GTB, attention was paid to improving the pure performance of the car, as well as improving the usability provided by the hybrid engine.

New components have been specially developed, including the 6-way Chassis Dynamic Sensor (6w-CDS), a first in the automotive industry. The wheelbase has been developed to be 50mm shorter than previous mid-rear-engined Ferrari models to improve the car’s agility. In order to increase the handling and performance of the car, the electric braking system, “Aero” brake calipers transferred from SF90, electrohydraulic steering, rear active aero solution and SCM-Frs magnetic shock absorbers were developed.