“One-to-One Driver Management” starts in rental!

“One-to-One Driver Management” starts in rental!

15 March 2021 0 By administrator

With the “One-to-One Driver Management service” implemented, it is aimed to meet the needs of drivers in a faster and more practical way, while reducing the workload on fleet managers. Providing information on the subject, TEB Arval Sales Assistant General Manager Furkan Karaman said: All processes are managed by fleet managers in the pre-preparation phase and during the service period. Fleet managers are also in intensive communication with their drivers about these processes. Reminding drivers of vehicle selection, delivery, periodic maintenance and inspection periods and answering questions on these issues are just some of the tasks in the operational follow-up of the fleet manager. We are in direct contact with the drivers with the new service we have started to offer. We start to support our drivers from the selection stage of their vehicles; We make maintenance appointments and inform them of the examination times. In this way, while increasing the motivation and satisfaction levels of the drivers, we also reduce the workload of fleet managers on the operational side. “
Company vehicle motivation

Referring to the results of the Fleet Leasing Vehicles User Perception Survey conducted in collaboration with Kademetre, Karaman stated that following the processes related to the vehicles with the drivers one-to-one during the lease period not only increases the time and labor savings, but also increases the sense of ownership of the company vehicles by the employees. The sense of ownership for the company vehicle brings along an increase in the level of careful handling and driver safety. According to the research, while the company vehicle becomes a serious motivation and satisfaction criterion for employees who use their vehicles like their offices all day, especially for their work, as the level of appreciation and satisfaction of the employees about the company vehicle increases, the driver behavior improves.

Better if they choose the tool

90% of the drivers participating in the study say they do not choose the brand or model of their vehicle. Drivers also want to decide on the brand, model and color of the company vehicle at the same rate. The fact that only the driver can choose the brand, model and color they want increases positive driver behavior from 78% to 96%. The option to modify the vehicle with various accessories and to purchase the vehicle offered to the drivers at the end of the lease also contributes positively to this situation. Starting with the selection of the company vehicle and giving the initiatives to the employees during the lease period, the most important motivation factor is to encourage careful vehicle use. According to the results of the research, 7 out of 10 fleet managers encourage employees to use the company vehicle with care. Fleet managers take care of regular vehicle controls to improve driver behavior, frequently alert their drivers and develop performance-based applications. Fleet managers who put these works into practice need to devote a lot of time and workforce to these processes in many respects.