Open-top Lexus sets off from 3.9 million TL!

Open-top Lexus sets off from 3.9 million TL!

12 July 2021 0 By administrator

Speaking at the launch of the new Lexus model, Ali Haydar Bozkurt, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the brand, stated that they brought the Lexus brand, an important player in the premium segment, to Turkey with the motto of “The New Definition of Luxury”, and said, “It is important in terms of awareness in a segment that is highly competitive in the first 5 years. we’ve come a long way. With our belief in Turkey’s potential, we continued our investments. Now we are starting the second 5-year period with the LC 500 Convertible, the pinnacle of Lexus design, craftsmanship and engineering. I believe that our LC 500 Convertible will make a strong contribution to our brand image. We anticipate that this model, which is currently only one, will be sold in a very short time.” said.
Buy Back Guarantee

Expressing that customer expectations in the luxury segment are high and differ, Bozkurt said, “Our aim is to always increase the sales figures above the previous year and increase our market share. We support these goals with services that set an example for the segment. Chief among these is the ‘Purchase Guarantee’ offered to Lexus owners. The Buy Back Guarantee, which is an indication that we trust the high second hand value Lexus has achieved all over the world, removes all the question marks in the minds of customers about the brand. We are the first brand to offer many innovative services to the market, such as individual customer advisors and the delivery of Lexus to the destination city of our customers by truck. At the same time, we are in an advantageous position as the only premium brand with a hybrid engine option in the entire product range.” he said.

We Make Our Customers’ Life Easier

Emphasizing that this year’s company motto is “Making Life Easier”, Bozkurt said, “We are now in such an age that whoever makes the life of their customers easier will win. We make Lexus customers feel that we are always there for them, from the sales stage to all their after-sales needs throughout the years they have enjoyed their vehicles, even when they want to sell their vehicles. That’s the main difference we’ve made in Lexus. As we always underline, ‘Lexus’ philosophy is not just to produce a car, but to produce a work of art. Lexus; It’s not just a luxury car brand, it’s a lifestyle.’” He said.

Grows Above the Premium Market

Stating that they achieved a growth above the premium market in the first 6 months of 2021, Bozkurt said;

“While the Premium Market grew by 56% in the first 6 months compared to the same period of the previous year, we as Lexus grew by 105%. Since we are a brand with a growth target, we did not have any problems with stock during the pandemic process. We have become the rising brand of the pandemic. In this process, with a reflex that we have always had, we asked each Lexus user’s memory one by one, and took steps to meet their needs, if any. These services have been noticed by more people and have made Lexus stand out more during the pandemic. In addition, we see that our reference sales have increased. The high satisfaction of Lexus users was conveyed by the users to their environment and they began to experience the Lexus privilege.”

Did not go to service due to malfunction

Speaking about the research showing the high durability and durability of Lexus vehicles, Bozkurt said, “According to the results of the research we conducted among Lexus users in Turkey in April 2021, as the brand with the widest service network in its segment, it was revealed that no Lexus user needed to go to Lexus service centers due to a breakdown. This is not an easy situation. While presenting Lexus to the Turkish market, we said that if you stay on the road and are in a place that cannot be reached, we will even send a helicopter. We haven’t lifted a helicopter for 5 years. Because no one is on the way. With this satisfaction and confidence in our brand, we will see more and more vehicles with the Lexus logo on the roads of our country. All of the services we have listed have been going on without a hitch since we set out for the first time.” said. The LC 500 Convertible has a length of 4770 mm, a width of 1920 mm, a height of 1350 mm and a wheelbase of 2870 mm.