Oyak Renault stops production!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

Oyak Renault stops production! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

10 March 2021 0 By administrator

Companies in the global automotive industry, especially automakers in Europe, are forced to suspend production due to lack of electronic components. Oyak Renault General Manager Dr. Antoine Aoun said that the supply problems experienced in the global automotive industry also affected Oyak Renault. Pointing out that there is a supply problem especially in electronic components that are vital for the sector, Aoun said, “We use the latest technologies in the New Clio, Clio E-tech and Mégane Sedan that we produce in Bursa and in our Mechanical Factory. “This makes our factory one of the main production facilities that need high volume electronic components.”
It produces 3 models

Aoun stated that they had to make some changes in the production schedule due to the supply shortage and announced that production will be suspended for a short time at Oyak Renault Automobile Factories between 15-22 March. Aoun stated that, after a short break, they will continue production as planned and can revise their plans again according to the situations that may occur in the market.