President has changed in heavy trade!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

President has changed in heavy trade! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

29 April 2021 0 By administrator

A new board of directors was elected at the 15th General Assembly Meeting of the Heavy Commercial Vehicles Association (TAID). In the general assembly, Renault Trucks Turkey Sales Director Ömer Bursalıoğlu was elected as TAID’s new Chairman of the Board. Ford Trucks Turkey Director Burak Hoşgören was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mehmet Dinçer, Alper Kurt, Murat Kemal Tokatlı, Kıvanç Kızılkaya and İffet Türken were elected to the Board of Directors.
Established in 2010, TAID represents a very important part of the trailer and superstructure market, which is an integral part of the heavy commercial vehicle market and commercial vehicles, exceeding 50 percent with the imported and domestic products of its members. TAID aims to support the development of the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Sector, which includes commercial vehicles with a maximum laden weight of 3.5 tons and above and their complementary trailers and other superstructures, in line with the European Union norms.

Logistics gaining importance

Ömer Bursalıoğlu, the new Chairman of the Board of TAİD, drew attention to the importance of the Turkish heavy commercial vehicles market in Europe; “Heavy commercial vehicles actually bear the burden of national economies in domestic logistics, distribution, construction, mining, waste management and many other areas, especially long-distance transportation. All production, industry and service branches are somehow progressing and developing with the products and solutions offered by the heavy commercial vehicles sector. Today, although we are going through difficult times when the importance of logistics is understood all over the world, the importance of advanced vehicles and services that alleviate the workload not only in logistics but in many areas are understood more and more every day.