Regulations should be made for heavily damaged vehicles!

15 March 2021 0 By administrator

Monday, March 15, 2021 – 15:56 | Last Updated: 15 03 2021 – 15:56

With the new regulation that came into effect as of 2020, even if the level of trust of the consumer is increased with articles such as authorization certificate and expertise report, the price paid when purchasing vehicles with heavy damage (pert) can still cause unjust treatment.

TOSEF (All Auto Services Federation) made statements that will closely concern 24 million vehicle owners. TOSEF President Ünal Ünaldı stated that the grievances that arise in the trade of second-hand vehicles and repair of heavily damaged vehicles can be prevented with a new legal regulation:
“Since the real price of the vehicle and the depreciation of the vehicle during the sale of second-hand vehicles still do not have an absolute calculation, it is a completely bargained trade. Since automobile prices have increased radically in the last 1 year, heavy damage registered vehicles are also offered for sale at prices higher than their real value. Moreover, most of these vehicles, which are not checked for traffic compliance, hit the road again with non-standard repairs. Our request is that the insurance experts, whose independence and impartiality are protected by the law, intervene in the sales as mediators and arbitrators, and this issue is transferred to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance together with TÜSED and TOBB SEİK. Calculating the value loss of a vehicle that had an accident in the past and deducting it from the sales price by sending the expertise report obtained from the TSE certified auto expertise points to the insurance experts, prevents all grievances. If the value loss report is required by the legal regulation during the transfer of each second-hand vehicle, consumers can buy vehicles with peace of mind. “

Those who do not have a TSE Certificate should not be allowed

Expressing another important problem in the sector, Ünaldı stated that many vehicle owners did not have information about the originality of the parts used in the repair after the accident and that abuses could be experienced with poor quality parts. He drew attention to the fact that damaged vehicles are repaired by improper repair techniques by untrained personnel in under-the-counter businesses, therefore the value of the vehicle will drop dramatically, and everyone involved in traffic endangers the safety of life and property. Ünaldı says that “Damage repair legislation in SEDDK is as follows: You can use original parts 0-3 years old, certified equivalent parts 3-10 years old, and sub-industry parts 10 years old and above. The certificate of compliance with the SEDDK legislation in the equivalent part is not submitted to insurance companies either. The institution that will carry out the audit is again the Insurance Assessors Executive Committee. Heavy damage repairs should not be allowed in services that lack the training, machinery and equipment investment required to apply the correct repair techniques. “There must be minimum standards that authorize its repair,” he said.