Renewed Jeep is going to showrooms from 459.9 thousand TL

Renewed Jeep is going to showrooms from 459.9 thousand TL

14 June 2021 0 By administrator

Revamped Compass; It was put up for sale in Turkey. Jeep Turkey Maarka Director Özgür Süslü said that they aim to close the year with 20 percent growth and 5,300 sales compared to last year. Adding to his words that they achieved nearly 100% growth in 2020 with the Jeep brand, Süslü also increased the sales of the Jeep brand by 6 times in Europe and 10 times in Turkey since 2009; He also underlined that it is the most growing brand. Süslü said, “We want to strengthen our position in the SUV market, whose weight in the automobile market has increased from 22 percent to 31 percent in the last four years.”
It will sell 2,000 units.

We will be the best player in the compact SUV segment by selling 2,000 Compass this year,” said Süslü; He added that they offered the renewed Jeep Compass with four different trim levels. The renewed Compass, Longitude, Limited, S Limited and 80th Anniversary Special versions will be launched in showrooms with prices starting from 459 thousand 900 TL.

Engine options

Jeep Marketing Manager Övgü Özarpacı said, “The change made in the form of the Jeep Compass’s 7-way grille, which reflects the spirit of the brand, gave the vehicle a 3D appearance. With the new chrome-framed grille and new front bumper design; Compared to its predecessor, the Compass has gained a more muscular and stronger appearance. Bi-Xenon headlights, whose design has changed, have been replaced by LED headlights that provide higher energy efficiency. In Compass, the 1.3 liter and 150 HP engine is combined with a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. In the PHEV version of Compass, the power of the 1.3 liter engine increases to 240 HP. In the PHEV Compass, the six-speed fully automatic transmission transfers its power to the road via the eAWD all-wheel drive system.”