Renewed NX SUV in Turkey in November!

Renewed NX SUV in Turkey in November!

14 June 2021 0 By administrator

Opening the page of a new era for Lexus, the all-new NX represents the new direction the brand is taking in interior and exterior design. The new Lexus NX will be available in the European market in the last quarter of 2021 and will enter the Turkish market in November. The new generation Lexus NX SUV has a more dynamic drive with new engine options, including the brand’s first plug-in hybrid engine. Equipped with new generation multimedia and connectivity systems, NX; It will be presented with advanced technologies, safety and comfort features.
Sold over 170,000

The new NX will replace the first generation NX, which was introduced in 2014 and has contributed greatly to Lexus’ growth in Europe with sales of over 170,000 units. Lexus has reinvented the NX to continue this success and impress today’s customers who expect much more from their vehicles. A major leap forward in performance, handling and efficiency has been made, with 95 percent of the vehicle undergoing a major change. The new NX represents the beginning of a significant evolution as Lexus adheres to the L-finesse design language. The new model furthers the innovative look of the first NX, revealing a more sophisticated, dynamic and muscular character.

The new NX has 20mm longer length, 30mm longer wheelbase, 20mm more width and 5mm more height than the first generation model. These dimensions ensure the optimum layout in terms of engineering, while providing more living space in the cabin and a larger volume at the rear. The new GA-K platform also contributed to more dynamic driving by lowering the center of gravity by 20 mm.

First plug-in hybrid

The new NX combines a wider choice of engines and new technologies with best-in-class performance, with the status that has evolved the Lexus brand. Among the new engine options is Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid engine and will be a benchmark in this engine segment with its power, efficiency and electric driving capability. Reflecting Lexus’ more than 15 years of expertise in hybrid technology, the first plug-in hybrid model has been named the new NX 450h+. NX 450h+’s hybrid system; It combines a four-cylinder 2.5-liter hybrid engine with the highest capacity battery in its class of 18.1 kWh, which can also be charged externally by cable.