Renters will buy over 60 thousand new vehicles in 2021!

Renters will buy over 60 thousand new vehicles in 2021!

22 February 2021 0 By administrator

The Association of All Car Rental Organizations (TOKKDER) announced the “TOKKDER Operational Leasing Sector Report”, which includes the results of 2020, prepared in cooperation with the independent research company Nielsen. According to the report, operational vehicle leasing sector in 2020 was sold to 57 thousand 500 vehicle floor, which is 9.4 percent of new car fleet in Turkey. During this period, the asset size of the sector was 39.6 billion TL. Last year, the number of vehicles in the sector’s fleet, which shrank by 5.6 percent compared to 2019, fell to 263 thousand units. The vehicle park of the sector at the end of 2019 was 279 thousand units.
The share of SUVs was 5.3 percent

TOKKDER According to the report, Turkey with a share of 24.4 percent in 2020 Renault continued to be the most preferred brand of operational car leasing sector. Renault was followed by Fiat with 15.2 percent, Ford with 11.7 percent and Volkswagen with 11.6 percent. During this period, 50.8 percent of the sector’s vehicle park consisted of compact class vehicles, while small class vehicles had a share of 26.7 percent and upper-middle class vehicles 12.9. The share of SUV body type vehicles in operational leasing was 5.3 percent. In the report, 86.4 percent of the sector’s vehicle park is diesel vehicles, while the share of automatic transmission vehicles has increased to 65 percent last year.

70 percent of rentals are 30 months or more

According to the data provided in the report, last year 10 percent of the new cars bought in the closest part of the operational leasing sector sold in Turkey during this period continued to provide significant tax revenues to the economy. Accordingly, the tax paid by the industry in 2020 reached 6.7 billion TL. Looking at the rental period, 52.2 percent of operating leases in 2020 was seen in Turkey consisting of 42 30- month term contract. Secondly, the most preferred operational lease term was 18.3 percent and 43 months and more contracts, while 18-30 month contracts were preferred at 17.9 percent.

2021 is the year of compensation and re-growth

Stating that the transportation preferences of individuals changed during the pandemic period, TOKKDER President İnan Ekici said, “Health and hygiene measures have become a very important factor in all types and stages of transportation. The course of the pandemic will determine how the year 2021 will pass. With the measures taken and vaccination practices, I think that the pandemic will not be taken under control and affect our lives at this level, the economies will enter the process of recovery, economic activity will accelerate, and accordingly, due to the advantages it offers in terms of efficient use of resources, renting an operational vehicle will be an element of choice. “2021 will be a transition year to recover losses and grow again.”

“We cannot rent longer than 48 months”

Reminding that the penal procedures applied to the registration plate of the rental vehicles that violate the traffic rules will be applied directly to the tenant of the vehicle, İnan Ekici said, It enabled us to start 2021 in a very good mood as the car rental sector. In particular, we can say that DHMİ’s decision became the lifeblood of the sector. In this regard, we would like to express our sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire sector to our President, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the General Directorate of DHMI. In particular, the cancellation of last year’s rental fees as well as the 50 percent discount on the next period’s rents has been a very strategic and valuable decision for the car rental industry. Now there are a few more important issues on our agenda. In the current period, many sector customers who want to save money want to extend the rental periods of these vehicles instead of renewing their existing vehicles. As per the legislation, we cannot rent a car for longer than 48 months. In order to overcome this situation, we continue our initiatives before the relevant state institutions. Another expectation is to make the necessary legal regulations in order to prevent the theft of rental cars and to increase the penalty applied to this crime ”.