Sabancı opens showrooms for motorcyclists!

Sabancı opens showrooms for motorcyclists!

2 June 2021 0 By administrator

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 – 12:53 | Last Updated : 02 06 2021 – 12:53

Businessman Yakup Sabancı aims to launch “Yasco Motorsports” stores across Turkey, where motorcyclists can purchase products and services.

In addition to sales, one of the most important factors in the motorcycle world is “service”.
Birlas company, founded by businessman Yakup Sabancı, has decided to establish a chain of stores across Turkey where motorcycles will be maintained, repaired or replaced. It is aimed that their stores, which will be called “Yasco Motorsports”, will be activated as an organized retail channel in motorcycle sales and service.


Noting that the first franchise example Yasco Motorsports store was opened in Istanbul, Birlas Vice President Serdar Demirdağ said that they will expand to 10 stores in 2021 and then to 30 stores. Demirdağ emphasized that all kinds of products related to 2 wheels, such as motorcycle chains, pads, filters, accessories, will be available in the stores, and that electric scooters, ATV tires and bicycle equipment are also planned to be engaged in the coming days.