The “attractive” period in heavy trade!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

The “attractive” period in heavy trade! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

25 March 2021 0 By administrator

According to TAID (Heavy Commercial Vehicles Association) data, tow truck sales increased by 187 percent in the January-February period of 2021 to 2,167 units, while trucks rose by 49 percent to 1,136. The total heavy commercial market increased 87 percent in February 2021, tow trucks 130 percent and trucks 43 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.
The market is growing attractively

Transport, which has been mobilized due to the pandemic, continues to be dynamism in the logistics sectors. While exports are increasing, the transporters who find goods in return renew their vehicles. In February 2021, truck sales increased by 130% compared to February 2020 and reached 1,323 units, while trucks increased by 43% to 830 units. Scania and VW Commercial Vehicles Turkey General Manager Tolga Senyücel heavy commercial market at the end of 2021 to 20 thousand, while light commercial saved could occur in the 160-170 thousand units.

Semiconductor problem

Stating that heavy commercial vehicles use more semiconductor chips and parts than automobiles, and the supply problem in the global may affect the vehicle supply, Senyücel said, “Currently, there are no problems in some brands, while others stop production. “We will see what will happen in the supply of vehicles in the coming days.” Noting that restrictions increase shopping through e-commerce and logistics has come to the forefront, Senyücel stated that this dynamism positively affected the market.

Launches are on the rise

On the other hand, technological and new model launches are increasing in the commercial vehicle sector. Karsan shared the technical details of Otonom Atak Electric. Autonomous Atak Electric, the first Level 4 autonomous bus in America and Europe ready for use under real road conditions, was developed on Atak Electric, the brand’s 100 percent electric model in the 8 m class. The vehicle gets its power from 220 kWh batteries developed by BMW and can reach 230 kW of power and produce 2500 Nm of torque. Renault Trucks long haul (T) and construction site (C and K) series vehicles have been renewed in 2021 models. As a first in the heavy commercial vehicle industry, the brand will introduce its new trucks and trucks in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 video game to offer a virtual driving experience. The innovations of the 2021 T series will be introduced on April 6th. Volvo Trucks, which will include electric trucks in its product range starting in Europe in 2021, plans to introduce longer range electric and fuel cell electric trucks to the market within 10 years. In the domestic market, 5-ton vehicles, the Transit with the highest carrying capacity ever produced by Ford, went on sale. The new 5-ton ‘van’ and ‘pickup’ versions have a 170 PS 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine that complies with heavy commercial emission (HDT) norms.