The breaking point in vehicle sales is July 1!

The breaking point in vehicle sales is July 1!

28 June 2021 0 By administrator

The fact that the pandemic restrictions will be lifted in July points to active days for many sectors. Among these sectors is the automotive sector, which has met a significant demand especially in new vehicle sales since the beginning of the year. Hüsamettin Yalçın, the General Manager of Cardata, one of the companies with the largest automotive data pool in Turkey, drew attention to July 1 and stated that an intense process will be entered in both the new and second-hand vehicle markets. Hüsamettin Yalçın said, “A very lucky 2-month period awaits the sector. Long holiday periods will activate the used car market as well as the new ones. In line with our comprehensive analysis, we expect June to close with 75 thousand units in terms of new automobile sales. Second-hand vehicle sales will be 5-6 times that. However, the real breaking point is July 1. We expect a very high demand for the second hand, especially before the holiday, that is, until July 15th. Our analyzes show that 300,000 single second-hand vehicles will be sold in July. Most of these sales will take place in the first 15 days.
Only 3 vehicles left until 150 thousand TL

Yalçın said, “The demand for new vehicles has been increasing since the beginning of the year. Due to the economic developments, he sees the zero vehicle that has money as an investment tool and firstly wants to buy zero. The increase in real estate prices and the high interest rates have a very important effect on this. On the other hand, prices in the new vehicle market are heavily suppressed due to the SCT and exchange rates. According to Cardata data, only 3 vehicles are left up to 150 thousand TL at the moment. The average price of these vehicles is 134 thousand 900 TL. There are 66 vehicles between 150-200 thousand TL. The average of vehicles in this range is 184 thousand 400 TL. There are 152 vehicles in the range of 200-300 thousand TL and the average price is 328 thousand 800 TL. The main thing to pay attention to is the 300-400 thousand TL band. Because brands have positioned most of their vehicles here. Currently, the most models are in this range with 210 units and the average price has reached 352 thousand 200 TL. Afterwards, there are 117 vehicles in the 400-500 thousand TL band and 77 vehicles in the 500-600 thousand TL band. Due to the high prices, we expect the demand to turn significantly towards the second hand, especially in July,” he continued.

2nd hand has ups and downs

Expressing that the demand to be experienced in the second hand will be the lifeblood of the second-hand vehicle tradesmen who have been faced with a fluctuating pace for 6 months, Cardata General Manager Hüsamettin Yalçın also gave information about the ‘Sell Now’ application that will strengthen the vehicle supply of the businesses selling second-hand vehicles. Hüsamettin Yalçın said, “As Cardata, we developed a smart vehicle pricing module last year that brings together sellers and consumers in the second-hand vehicle industry. More than 650 authorized used dealers currently use our modules and they are very satisfied. With the application, distributors, dealers, galleries and all other businesses can now show consumers the value of their vehicle for free and make purchases through their own websites. Thanks to the application, which can be accessed via the “We buy your vehicle immediately” link on the companies’ websites, consumers can learn the values ​​of their vehicles in seconds. Consumers who find the price appropriate can request the seller to contact them with a single click. In this way, we ensure that companies engaged in the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles can easily access the vehicles, while also strengthening the second-hand supply in the sector.”