The car of the year was chosen in Turkey!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

The car of the year was chosen in Turkey! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

23 June 2021 0 By administrator

Fiat Egea Cross became the winner of the “Car of the Year in Turkey” competition, which was organized for the 6th time this year by the Automotive Journalists Association (OGD) and experienced great excitement at all stages. Within the framework of the pandemic measures, Fiat Egea Cross, which received 3290 points in total from 76 automotive journalists from OGD members, reached the first place in the final of the competition, which can be watched online on digital channels this year as well as last year.

Another innovation was made in OGD’s competition, which was held for the sixth time this year. In addition to the “Car of the Year”, the “Design of the Year” award was also given to the Land Rover Defender. Among the 27 cars nominated this year, OGD members won the Land Rover Defender “Design of the Year” award, which received the most votes among the three finalists whose design they liked.

Considered criteria

Making a speech at the ceremony held in Istanbul Park, OGD Chairman of the Board of Directors Ufuk Sandık once again drew attention to the fact that the Car of the Year competition in Turkey has a guiding feature for consumers. Stating that there was a great competition between the finalist cars, the ballot box said, “We also handled all the criteria in detail and made an objective choice. While evaluating the candidate cars, we have taken into consideration issues such as price-equipment, design, innovation, engine and handling.

It is very important for us that consumers see the car of the year competition as a reference when purchasing a car. This year, there was a tough competition between all cars,” he said. Fiat Brand Director Altan Aytaç also said in his speech that they are very happy with this decision made by automotive journalists. Aytaç continued his words as follows; “Egea’s story is long and very valuable to us. There is a very large and competent team behind Egea. Since the first day, as Egea family, we have reached the sales of 300 thousand units. With Egea Cross, we exceeded 7,000 sales in the first five months,” he said.

How many points did each car get?

1. Fiat Egea Cross 3290 madam
2. Skoda Octavia 3240 puan
3. Peugeot 208 2980 points
4. Hyundai i20 2760 puan
5. Toyota Yaris 2640 points
6. Dacia Sandero 2150 puan
7. Renault Captur 1940 madam