The future of Toyota is in this vehicle!  – NEWSPAPER VATAN

The future of Toyota is in this vehicle! – NEWSPAPER VATAN

22 April 2021 0 By administrator

This new concept, which has been previewed, stands out as the first in a series of zero-emission battery electric vehicles. Toyota bZ (beyond Zero) will introduce new electric vehicles globally with its new product range. The first of this new product range and the mid-size SUV model Toyota bZ4X Concept, which has an all-wheel drive system (AWD), stands out as an important part of Toyota’s path from being just a car company to a company that produces mobility for everyone.

The ‘bZ’ abbreviation in the concept stands for the initials of ‘beyond Zero’ and is considered Toyota’s success to go beyond just making zero emission and carbon neutral vehicles. With this vehicle, Toyota also aims to provide new benefits to society, individuals and the environment.

As wide as the D segment

The Toyota bZ4X Concept is built on the new e-TNGA modular platform specially developed for electric vehicles. The rear legroom of the vehicle, which has a wide cabin with long wheelbase and short front-rear overhangs, is similar to that of a large D-segment model.

The front living area of ​​the vehicle is designed around a “driving module”. This gives the driver the feeling of being directly connected to the road and important information. The lower front console provides a panoramic view and a more spacious atmosphere. The controls are collected in the center console for easy use. Digital driver indicators are positioned on the steering wheel. Thus, the driver can see the information with a minimal distance from the road.

Optimized driving range

The development program was carried out with the benefits of Toyota’s leadership in vehicle electrification for over 20 years and the brand’s decisive quality, durability and reliability. In this way, the electric power unit, consisting of engine, control unit and battery management system, has class-leading efficiency and a highly competitive driving range. The environmental profile of the vehicle is also strengthened by the solar charging system on the vehicle, which increases the range. Thanks to the extensive experience of the battery technology developed by Toyota for hybrid vehicles and hybrid vehicles that can also be charged externally, the larger, more powerful battery used for the Toyota bZ4X Concept has been developed to maintain high reliability, lasting performance and driving range even in cold climates.

The Toyota bZ4X Concept is Toyota’s first model to bear the naming convention of the new bZ, beyond Zero. Toyota aims to offer 15 battery electric models, including 7 Toyota bZ models by 2025.