Turkey is on its way to becoming a “motorcycle base”!

Turkey is on its way to becoming a “motorcycle base”!

17 June 2021 0 By administrator

While the importance of mobility increased rapidly with the pandemic process, the increase in demand for motorcycles, which allow individual use, which is cheap, fast, economical and environmentally friendly, did not slow down. While this rapid increase was experienced especially under 250 cc due to the effect of commercial demands, the motorcycle sector in Turkey grew by 73.7 percent compared to the previous year. While the rate of increase in the 100-125 cc range used commercially by couriers was 40 percent in 2020, it was 194 in the first quarter of 2021. The convenience of reaching the 50cc motorcycle, the fact that it can be used with a class B license and the pandemic enabled new users to join the market. It was observed that the next stage, the transition to higher cc groups, also became easier.
We must be big industry

Head of MOTED (Motorcycle Industry Association) Basari Erbaş said that they want to take serious steps in order for the motorcycle industry, which is the second important workforce after automotive, to become an industry in our country. Stating that the motorcycle market can be turned into an industry with the advantages of geographical location and young, qualified workforce, Erbaş said:

“Departing from the necessity of the motorcycle industry in Turkey, the motorcycle policy that should be included in the Development Plans should aim to be a new market that can produce on an economic scale, has a sustainable competitive power, implements new technologies and is export-oriented. We have prepared a road plan with an international consultancy company and we will share it with the relevant authorities in Ankara shortly.“

Driving license regulation supports the market

Erbaş underlined that, similar to the examples in Europe, the fact that the license regulation covers up to 125cc instead of 50cc is an opportunity to move forward the motorcycle sector, which provides employment for many people and has high investment opportunities. Erbaş continued:

“In most countries of Europe, B license holders are allowed to drive A1 motorcycles. Considering that the number of registered motorcycles has reached 3.5 million, it has become a necessity to reorganize the motorcycle speed limits and to bring the current speed limits to the values ​​given to the car (80,90,120 km/h), especially for the L3e category.”

The market may reach 600 thousand

MOTED General Coordinator Remzi Öztürk emphasized that it is important to make free motorcycle parking areas, sections reserved for two-wheeled vehicles at the front of the lights in the city, and arrangements that will facilitate the passage of two-wheeled vehicles on the right lane of the highways. Emphasizing that the improvements to be made, such as the improvement of traditional barriers, will contribute to increasing the awareness of the motorcycle, Öztürk said, “With the necessary arrangements, the market can exceed 600 thousand units within a 5-year plan. Regulations and infrastructure works that will support domestic production will enable the motorcycle to be addressed in parallel with the world vision drawn in the electric car. It will attract foreign investments to our country.”

Sales will continue to grow

Yamaha Turkey General Manager Bora Cansever said that the total number of motorcycles on the road has exceeded 200 thousand, the highest number plate registration of the last 15 years. Stating that they expect the motorcycle market to continue to grow in 2021 and 2022, Cansever said, “Factors such as the need for individual transportation that started with the pandemic, the ability of people to escape from the traffic crowd with motorcycles, and the increase in individual time to spare will continue to trigger sales.” Stating that they sold 6 thousand units in the first 5 months of the year and their year-end target is 12 thousand, Cansever emphasized that the R 7, XSR 125, NMAX 155 and XMAX 250 models will be offered for sale after August.