Valid for anyone with a car!  15 days…

Valid for anyone with a car! 15 days…

3 May 2021 0 By administrator

It is valid for all citizens who own a car. With the decision to close for 17 days, it is necessary to take maintenance and protection measures for vehicles that remain stationary. Pay attention to these suggestions so that you can use your car without any problems even after the full closing process.

During the pandemic period experienced with the Covid-19 outbreak, Euromaster officials draw attention to the issue of maintenance for vehicles that are parked for a long time or that are rarely used.

Check tire condition and pressure

The tire pressures of parked and unused vehicles should be checked once a week and brought to the correct pressure values. In vehicles that have not been used for a long time, the physical control of the tires should be done before setting off, and it should be determined whether there is a problem.

Charge your battery by starting

In vehicles that are not operated for a long time, the rate of battery discharge is high. Once a week, 15 minutes of operation of the vehicle increases the battery charge. In addition, before the vehicle sets off, it should be ensured that the battery connections are tight and do not rust.

Turn on your air conditioner

Operating the vehicle air conditioner for ten minutes at least every 15 days will minimize the risk of air conditioning system malfunction.

Make sure the brakes do not stick

In vehicles that are not operated for a long time, there is a risk of brake pads getting stuck – to stick to the discs or drums. If it is possible to drive, 10 minutes of driving once a week will prevent problems in this area.

Renew the wiper blades

Since the wipers are made of rubber, there is a risk of sticking to the windshield when not used for a long time. During the stay at homes, wrapping the vehicle wipers with stretch film or similar material prevents problems in this area.

Pay attention to the parking area

Vehicles; It should not be parked in a way that is constantly exposed to the sun or exposed to precipitation such as rain or hail. If there is no parking possibility in the closed area, covering it with auto tarpaulin and airing the vehicle once a week provides protection against external factors and corrosion. If the vehicle is in a closed area, it should be in a place protected from factors such as moisture and insects.