We can be an alternative base for motorcycle production!

We can be an alternative base for motorcycle production!

10 March 2021 0 By administrator

The motorcycle market, which increased by 1.1 percent in Europe in 2020, grew by 35 percent in our country. It is estimated that the motorcycle market in our country will grow by 20 percent in 2021. In Europe, where 1.5 million motorcycles were sold last year, the figures were 304 thousand in France, 250 thousand in Italy and 247 thousand in Germany. Turkey is 209 thousand while motorcycle sales with Europe’s 4th largest market in the country durumunda.ab 2 percent growth forecast in 2021.
It can come to a record with tax support

MOTED (Motorcycle Industry Association) President Başar Erbaş, who said that a reduction in tax can exceed the 2006 record of 350 thousand motorcycles, said:

“An increase in sales means a new dealer, a new shop, a new dealer, a new spare parts manufacturer and workforce. Recognizing the fact that the motorcycle industry is an important workforce will positively affect foreign investments in our country. The fact that the motorcycle sales in our country have been around 100 thousand for years has not encouraged any manufacturer to invest in our country. For production, it must be a strong supplier industry. The production made with 100% imported input also prevents the development of the sub-industry. “

Sub-industry is important

Emphasizing that with the expected growth in the market in 2021, the development of the supplier industry has already begun to manifest itself, Erbaş said, “When the supplier industry is mentioned, only the production of spare parts should not come to mind. It means the formation of tires, accessories, safety equipment, training centers and many other side business lines. We have the potential to be an important manufacturer in motorcycles, ”he said.

Not a hobby vehicle above 250cc

Globally, motorcycle production is moving towards 150 million units annually. Remzi Öztürk, MOTED General Coordinator, stated that vehicles over 250cc with a 3 percent market share were considered as hobby vehicles years ago and continued as follows:

“Vehicles over 250cc have become a means of transportation, not a hobby anymore. This means that the reduction in excise duty of 37 per cent will provide employment to the emergence of new businesses and millions in Turkey could form the basis of the first step, “he said. Emphasizing that they will come together with the Ministry of Commerce in the coming weeks and express their opinions for the development of motorcycle manufacturing in our country, Öztürk said:

“Since 2014, we have met with the relevant institutions of the state in every field and resolved many problems in front of the sector. We aim to have a reconstructive meeting. TMF World Motocross Championship held in the name of the event held in Afyon, Turkey has announced that it changed Fest. If conditions improve in the pandemic, we plan to hold this meeting again with TMF in Afyon in mid-May.

Interest in individual transportation is increasing

Yamaha Motor Turkey General Manager Bora said that social distance Cansever seen an increase in demand in 2020 due to the pandemic, insulation, motorcycles and health reasons, safe use in the city, he noted preferred. Cansever, who emphasized that the number of motorcycles on the road exceeded 200 thousand last year, reaching the highest license plate record in the last 15 years:

“We think the demand and interest will continue in 2021. Due to Covid-19, people turned to individual transportation from public transportation. In this process, interest in motorcycle, which is both economical, environmentally friendly and the most enjoyable means of transportation, has increased. In this process, we continued to grow the sector and gain new users with our service approaches, pricing policy and campaigns by focusing on customer experience. “

Stating that it is important to take precautions for the increasing demand to be permanent, Cansever said, “When we calculate all taxes such as customs, surveillance and SCT, we see that the ratio is 117 percent for motorcycles below 250cc and 123 above 250cc. “It is important to remove the tax burdens for the growth of the market.” Stating that the interest in motorcycle trainings has also increased, Cansever emphasized that all measures have been taken and that safe driving trainings prepared with scientific data are continuing at Yamaha Riding Academy